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Saturn, the Sibly Chart and Hate CrimesSaturnSymbol

I haven’t written about the shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue because I wasn’t sure how to relate that horrific act with what was going on in the sky. The mail bomber fit in with the Full Moon chart rather well, it was alarming but not deadly. However, I did not see the sort of violence that occurred in Pittsburgh in the Oct. 24 chart. Of course, no single chart can predict everything that is going to happen in this country, but this attack was not just bloody, it was a sad indication of our state of mind as a nation.

Then I thought about the Sibly Chart for the United States. (Click here to see that chart.) Earlier this year Saturn opposed Venus and Jupiter in the Sibly chart and, since Venus rules money and Jupiter is related to government and legislation, we had a lot of talk about tariffs and trade deals. But Venus also rules love and Jupiter generosity. Meanwhile, after a long period of retrograde, transiting Saturn has returned to oppose these two planets once again.

Saturn opposed to Venus restricts love and sympathy. Put in the context of an entire nation, it brings to the fore the most selfish and hard-hearted of our emotions. This doesn’t mean that everyone, or even a majority, feel this way. But enough people do to make it difficult for the more empathetic part of our population to make themselves heard.

Jupiter’s generosity is based on the belief that human beings are, on the whole, decent and willing to help people less fortunate than themselves. Saturn grinds that idealism into the dust and batters it with suspicion and self-interest. Our inclination to reach out to others is stymied and we see threats everywhere.

An aspect like this does not “create” a hateful person or “cause” him or her to act on that hate. The aspect creates an environment, a national mood, that makes these acts just a little bit easier. So a man in Kentucky decides this is the time to go out and kill African-Americans, and a guy in Pittsburg decides it time to walk into a synagogue and start shooting.

At the same time we have many people in this country who look at a group of poor women and children walking toward our southern border and see an invading army. It’s true that one political party has encouraged this hateful way of thinking and the fear that it inspires, but the mood of the nation under this Saturn aspect has made this ploy (and the falsehoods that support it) surprisingly effective.

When you think about it, there is similarity between tariffs and the current mood of the country. Tariffs are essentially selfish. They’re designed to keep the money of a nation’’s population within the nation. And they also punish foreigners and argue with Jupiter’s openness and expansive aims. Of course, tariffs are still an issue and will more than likely be the most enduring feature of this opposition.

At the time of the synagogue shooting transiting Saturn was near the midpoint of Venus and Jupiter in the Sibley chart. (This is to say, opposite a point halfway between the two planets.) Hopefully, this is an indication that the worst of this aspect is over. Saturn is moving relatively fast and it will be past this aspect in about three weeks. It will then start moving toward an opposition to the Sibly Sun, which will bring our country a very different challenge, one that we will be discussing a lot next year.

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