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Full Moon Craziness

When I wrote my “Following the Moon” piece for Oct. 24 I focused on what this Full Moon predicted for the midterm election. I thought about saying more about what it might indicate for the immediate future but decided to keep the article brief. Boy, did I miss out, because the Oct. 24 Full Moon has turned out to be “cra cra” in a major way.

Of course, I’m talking about the bombs sent to several prominent Democrats (the Clintons, Barack Obama, George Soros, Joe Biden, Maxine Water and John Brennan at CNN.) A bomb was also sent to Robert De Niro, who’s is obviously not a politician but turned his speech at the Tony Awards last June into an anti-Trump diatribe. None of the bombs exploded and no one was hurt. Nonetheless, it represents the kind of coordinated violence against one political group that is more generally associate with elections in third world countries.

The Full Moon chart, with Uranus conjunct the Moon and opposed to the Sun and Venus, certainly predicts shocking events. (Click here to see the chart.) I think that the presence of Venus in this aspect pattern is the reason that there were no injuries and the placement of Saturn on the Ascendant of the chart describes the timely actions by law enforcement and other officials that kept some of the bombs from reaching the mail boxes of their intended targets.

Now we’re holding our breathes as the Secret Service, the FBI and law enforcement all across the country look for the perpetrator or (more likely) perpetrators of this act of terrorism. As I said in the “Following the Moon” article, Uranus stirs thing up, but Saturn likes normal. Both planets are strong in the Full Moon chart, but Saturn (being on the Ascendant) gets the last word. So our bomber or bombers are likely to turn out to be just the sort of people we would expect: lonely white guys with a Nazi flag pinned up in the back of their garage and a MAGA hat in their closet.

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