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Following the Moon: Oct. 24, 2018MoonImagePurple

Astrology, like history, doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes. Two weeks ago I noted certain similarities between the New Moon on Oct. 8 and the lunation just before Donald Trump’s embarrassing meeting with Vladimir Putin in July, where he took Putin’s side against U.S. intelligence agencies. What’s happen since Oct. 8 is Trump appears to be taking the side of his buddy, Saudi prince Mohammad bin Salman, against Turkey and pretty much the rest of the world in the investigation of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder.

In the Oct. 8 chart, Pluto was square the Sun and Moon. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) Pluto is about power, and the Khashoggi’s murder seems to have been a gruesome display of power by the M.B.S. There have been some other displays of power closer to home, with Republican officials in some states, particularly Georgia, stripping the voter rolls ahead of the midterm elections of people likely to vote Democratic. It seems that there are people in the Republican Party view democracy less as a basic American value and more as a pesky impediment to power.

The Full Moon chart for Oct. 24 announces its importance right away. When set for Washington D.C. the Sun is within a couple of degree of the Midheaven and the Moon is opposite on the IC. (Click here to see the chart.)

Of course, it is an important chart, being the last lunation before the midterm elections. Venus is conjunct the Sun, emphasizing the role of women. One of the remarkable things about this upcoming election is the number of women running for office, and issues involving women are playing a major role in motivating the electorate.

Opposite the Sun and in an even tighter conjunction with the Moon is Uranus. Uranus indicates change, often radical, shocking change. The fact that both Uranus and Venus are aligned with the Sun and Moon implies that women will be a major contributor to this shocking change. This would all seem to favor the “Blue Wave” that everyone is talking about. However, there are other things going on.

Saturn in this chart is conjunct the Ascendant. I see a planet on the Ascendant are representing the prevailing mood of the people. In the New Moon chart before the 2016 election Mars was conjunct the Ascendant. A lot of voters were angry (Mars is all about anger) at the apparent inactivity of government. They felt forgotten and embattled. So they voted for a candidate who represented shocking change. (Uranus was square Mars in that chart.) Saturn on the Ascendant seems to describe an electorate that is feeling practical and conservative. Normally this should favor Republican candidates.

Another interesting thing about Saturn in this chart is that it is sextile the Sun and Venus and trine Uranus and the Moon. This places the rebellious influence of Uranus, the great disrupter, in a cooperative mode with static Saturn, the lover of the status quo. This might not seem to make any sense until you realize that the political status quo in this country has long been a two party system with one party acting as a check on the other. The situation we have right now, with one party in control of everything is not normal. Saturn brings things back to normal.

Putting this altogether, I think this chart predicts the Democrats will win back at least the House of Representatives. The influence of Uranus indicates that there will be some electoral outcomes that will shock observers, while the influence of Saturn assures that we are going to get back to the messy, back-and-forth-then-compromise business of a democratic government. My personal opinion is that it can’t happen soon enough.