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Astrology at Work: The Wannsee Conference

What’s your definition of a good meeting? If it’s one in which the person who called the meeting speaks briefly, everyone agrees and 90 minutes later you’re relaxing in an easy chair chatting with a compatriot and drinking brandy, then you would have loved the meeting that took place in Wannsee, Germany (a suburb of Berlin) on Jan. 20, 1942. Or maybe you wouldn’t have.

The Wannsee Conference was a meeting called by Reinhard Heydrich, Heinrich Himmler’s golden boy, to discuss the “Jewish question.” It was attended by representatives of every agency of the German government. In the meeting Heydrich revealed what was called the “final solution”, a plan to ship Jews from Germany, Austria and the countries occupied in Europe occupied by Germany to camps in Poland where they would be killed.

Of course, the killing part was not stated outright, but no one in the room seems to have been confused by Heydrich’s terminology. Also, much to Heydrich’s surprise, no one raised any objections. The mass murder of Jews was, of course, well underway at this point. The purpose of the meeting was to assure that there would not be any bureaucratic entanglements and make sure that all levels of the German deferred to the SS with regard to this process.

There is no evidence that Reinhart Heydrich was an astrologer, but no astrologer could have picked a better date to hold a meeting. (Click here to see a chart done for noon on Jan. 20, 1942.) The horoscope for that day is dominated by a Grand Trine, with the Sun within a degree of a trine to Neptune and Neptune trine Uranus. The Sun is also opposed to Pluto, but this aspect is wide (separated by five degrees.)

The Grand Trine describes easy agreement. Uranus, which represents transcendence through the mind, and Neptune, which represent transcendence through emotion, are cooperating. The Sun, in this case representing the man who called the meeting (Heydrich) becomes the focus of this cooperation. It’s not surprising that no one in the room voiced an objection. They saw in Heydrich’s grand plan a way to transcend all the messy moral questions and achieve their Aryan paradise.

There is another aspect in this chart that is interesting. Mars is almost exactly square Pluto. I’ve talked a lot about how aspects between these two planets appear in the horoscope of people labeled “monsters”. (Check out the Nov/Dec issue of Dell Horoscope and you’ll find an article by me on this subject.) Here we have an example of this aspect in a mundane chart. There can be no question that what Heydrich was planning was monstrous and that the men who attended that conference were contributors to this evil.

We think of trines as being “good” aspects, but a better description of what a trine does is “facilitate.” Trine aspects in a natal chart show what it is easy for us to do. Trine aspects in a mundane chart point out the actions in which cooperation and agreement will predominate. What we have to keep in mind is that what a trine facilitates does not have to be good. It can also be evil. The difference between the two depends on us.

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