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Mohammad in the Library with a Bone SawSalmanMBImage

The disappearance and apparent murder of Jamal Khashoggi is not the sort of murder mystery in which we need to go searching for clues. The perpetrators were actually filmed entering the scene of the crime with the murder weapon. The only open questions are whether anyone will ever be punished for the crime and how much damage this atrocity is going to do to Mohammed bin Salman, the current head of the Saudi government.

To answer these questions I decided to look at the horoscope of M.B.S (as he is called in the press.) We don’t have a time of birth for him, so I did the chart for noon on his birthday. (Click on Mohammed bin Salman to see the partial horoscope.) M.B.S. is a Virgo by Sun sign with the Sun quincunx Jupiter. His assent to power was seen by many to herald a new beginning in Saudi Arabia. He represents a new generation and he seemed to be prepared to modernize the kingdom. He cracked down on corruption and gave Saudi women the right to drive cars.

However, a look at this chart shows that bin Salman personality is much more influenced by authoritarian Saturn than liberating Jupiter. Saturn is in the Fixed sign of Scorpio and square Mars and Mercury in Leo. Saturn is generally conservative, and particularly so when in a Fixed sign. The square to Mars and Mercury describes a methodical thinker who actualizes his plans with hard-core determination and cold efficiency.

With practical Virgo as his Sun sign and his Moon in flexible Pisces, the personality the M.B.S. presents to the world is man anxious to accommodate western ways and do business. To this end he has enacted many reforms designed to appeal to the western democracies. He is also attempting to diversify the Saudi economy. However, with these Saturn aspects, there is a very hard man hiding beneath all of this accommodation.

Another interesting aspect in this chart is the square between Venus and Pluto. This aspect mostly describes the way in which the Crown Prince handles relationships, but it does add a touch of ruthlessness with regard to his attitude toward people in general. Taken along with the Saturn aspects, this describes a person who will go to extremes to counter people who endanger his or her well-laid plans.

It was this aspect that was being activated on the day of Khashoggi’s murder. Transiting Uranus was opposed to Pluto and square Venus, while transiting Saturn was quincunx Venus and sextile Pluto. It’s safe to say that M.B.S. was feeling threatened during this period. Whether this feeling of being threatened inspired the Crown Prince to order the dismemberment of a well-known journalist with a bone saw while he was still alive is something that we cannot know conclusively, but the astrology certainly indicates that it is possible.

While transiting Uranus and Saturn were activating the Crown Prince’s Venus-to-Pluto square, transiting Jupiter was doing the same to the square between his Mars and Saturn. Jupiter was conjunct Saturn and square Mars. We often feel empowered during Jupiter aspects. We behave as if misfortune cannot touch us. As M.B.S. found out, that’s not always the case. With Jupiter we expect good luck, but when we push that luck too far, the results can be disastrous.

It seems unlikely that the Trump administration is going to do anything to punish the Saudis for this flagrant violation of human rights and international law. Likewise, the other Arab states have decided to look the other way. But the big businesses that M.B.S. has been courting are pulling back. No one wants the name of their corporation associated with a dismembered corpse. If this continues the Crown Prince could see his biggest and brightest of his well-laid plans, the diversification of the Saudi economy, fall flat, all because he got caught up in a transiting Jupiter aspect.

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