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The Pelosi Problem

With the midterm elections nearing, political ads are proliferating, and one name seems to crop up over and over in ever state and every congressional district: Nancy Pelosi. Republican candidates all across the country use this name like an incantation. Say it enough times and Republicans will come out of the woodwork to vote. Pelosi has become the universal symbol of everything Republicans hate, from abortion to background checks.

I thought it might be interesting to look at Pelosi’s horoscope to see why she is the object of all this ire. We don’t have a time of birth for her, so the chart is done for noon on her birthday. (Click on Nancy Pelosi to see the partial horoscope.)

The first thing you notice about this chart is that Pelosi is a Sun sign Aries. Aries people are noted for their leadership and combative natures. Pelosi has shown herself to be both a leader and a fighter.. During her tenure as Democratic Whip and Speaker of the House Pelosi has done good job of keeping her party united.This unity was instrumental in getting Obamacare passed in 2010 and in fending off Republican efforts to repeal in in 2017.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. Pelosi’s Moon is in Scorpio which, in traditional astrology, is also ruled by fighting Mars. However, where Aries prefers to fight its battle while looking the opponent in the eye, Scorpio works behind to scenes to out-maneuver and over-power its foe. Pelosi is not known for her flaming rhetoric or confrontational style. Her position requires a method of attack closer to her Scorpio Moon.

Another interesting thing in this chart is the almost exact square of Saturn to Pluto. This is a slow moving aspect. Even though Saturn was moving relatively fast at the time of Pelosi's birth, it was within a five degree range for a couple of months. However, in the chart done for noon on Pelosi’s date of birth it is within four minutes of the arc. If her time of birth was around 1AM, the aspect wound be exact. That gives this aspect a respectable amount of power within the chart.

Saturn square Pluto is an aspect of endurance and toughness. If the planets are strongly placed in her chart (which I think they must be) it would describe a person who is firm in her opinions and capable of withstanding great hardships and abuse. There is a darkness about this aspect, a tendency to expect the worst out of people and prepare accordingly. With this aspect and the influence of Aries and Scorpio, it’s no surprise that Pelosi has risen to the most powerful women in American politics.

This explains why Pelosi is good at her job. It doesn’t explain why she is so hated that the very mention of her name has Republican voters grinding their teeth. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are also good at their jobs and no one seems to think that photoshopping their picture next to a congressional candidate is the political kiss of death.

The answer to this question has nothing to do with astrology. If it was George or Arthur or Nathan Pelosi who had been born with this horoscope and the hard core toughness that comes with it, the situation would be completely different. We could say that this points to misogyny in among Republican voters, but I think the problem cuts across party lines. Put Mitch McConnell in a dress and we’d probably be in the same place.

There are Democrats in the House who would like to see Pelosi replaced. They feel that her unpopularity is dragging down the party as a whole. Looking at her horoscope, however,  I’m not so sure that would be a good idea. Until we get a different political climate in Washington and the nation, fighters like Pelosi are going to be necessary.

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