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Hurricane Michael and Localizing AstrologyHurricane image

One of the questions that is often asked of astrologers is why this place gets a natural disaster that that place doesn’t. There is no easy answer to this question. There are so many factors to consider. However, the hurricane that is now ravaging the panhandle of Florida does provide us with an interesting opportunity to localize astrology.

A few days ago I did my regular “Following the Moon” article for the New Moon for Oct. 8 and I wrote that the aspects indicated that a power beyond our control would be impacting the nation. Among the powers I mentioed as possiblities was a force of nature. Hurricane Michael, the worst hurricane to hit this continent in decades, certainly qualifies as a force of nature. But the horoscope I used for that article was set for Washington D.C. A horoscope done for Panama City, Florida tells us the rest of the story. (Click here to see the horoscope.)

In that chart the exact time of the New Moon changes and the angles on the chart move. Where, in the Washington D.C. chart, Saturn was sort of lost in the Sixth House, the Panama City chart moves Saturn to a place of power, directly on the Descendant of the horoscope.

Saturn can mean many different things in both natal and mundane astrology but having it on the angle in a chart done for your locality it is sort like the “black spot” of “Long John Silver” fame. It ain't good news. Saturn is called the major malefic in ancient astrology. That translates into “really bad” in modern lingo. When it is prominent in a chart it typically indicates restriction and impediments. The work gets harder, the forgiveness is harder to fnid and everything seems to be against you.

Of course, other factors have to be considered. If you’re doing the chart for a city that’s not on the coast and it’s not during hurricane season you might just think that people in that place are going to be kind of depressed, or maybe a major employer might decide to move their factory to France. But if your doing the chart for a city on the Gulf coast and it’s in October, it might be time to change your vacation plans.

I did not do the Oct. 8 lunation chart for Panama City. The fact is that I did check the internet for word on a hurricane that might threaten the U.S. on Oct. 8 and found nothing. It wasn’t until the day after I published my “Following the Moon” article that people started worrying about the tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico that came to called Hurricane Michael. It quickly grew into a category 3 and then a category 4 and took aim on Panama City.

This sort of localized astrology doesn’t work every time. For example, I did a similar chart for Wilmington, North Carolina during the Hurricane Florence and found nothing significant. But the major damage done by Florence was mostly due to flooding that occurred after landfall and over a larger area. Michael appears to be a different sort of beast. As I said, there are many factors involved, but in this one instance localized astrology worked without a hitch.