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Following the Moon Oct. 8, 2018

The Sept. 24 Full Moon chart, with both the Sun and the Moon square Saturn (click here to see the article and the chart) promised a challenge to figures of authority. Obvious, we saw that in the Bret Kavanaugh hearings. But, as I said, the energy in that chart strongly favored the masculine and the establishment. Republican’s somehow managed to forget about Ms. Ford’s moving testimony and Kavanaugh’s disingenuous response and push the appointment through.

We didn’t get the “shock to the system” that I had expected with Mars square Uranus in that chart. (The Senate confirming Kavanaugh might count, except I don’t think anyone was really shocked.) However, there was a minor shock the day after the Full Moon, when President Trump was laughed at during his speech to the U.N. It’s hard to call yourself the leader of the free world when the free world is laughing at you. To me that seemed like a shocking slip in the prestige of the United States.

I was a little uncertain about where the recent revelations about the Trump family taxes fit into this chart, then I noticed that Pluto was in the 8th House (associated with inheritance) and the planet that rules the 8th, Saturn, is square both the Sun and Moon. Using the Koch house system, the Sun is in the 4th house which rules home, particularly the home of one’s childhood. The New York Times article strongly indicates that cheating the system has been a part of Trump’s life since he was a small child.

Today's New Moon features several dynamic aspects. (Click here to see the chart.) The first one that got my attention was the square between Mars and Venus. I think this aspect tells us that the outrage that many women felt after Kavanaugh’s confirmation is only going to grow and become louder. Mercury in this chart is opposed to Uranus. This could indicate that the growing divide in this country is going to bring us even more inflammatory, politically partisan speech.  It could also indicate the emergence of a shocking rumor or news story (though, with this administration, that happens every week.)

The big news in this New Moon chart is the square to the Sun and Moon by Pluto. Pluto is on the Descendant, which increases its prominence and make the aspect even more intense. The last time we had an aspect similar to this was back in July and the big event was Donald Trump shamefully deferring to Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki Summit. There we saw a demonstration of Putin’s power over Trump. I’m thinking that we might once again see power exerted over, or perhaps by, our leadership, though this time the power have a more personal impact.

Pluto can represent the power of a personality, but it is associated with any power that is beyond our control, such as a force of nature, large business and government institutions and even sickness and death. Of course, we might match this aspect with the feeling of oppression that many people are feeling after seeing the Supreme Court tilt so heavily to the right. However, the full weight of this change yet to come, so I’m looking for some other event that will, among other things, possibly increase that feeling of oppression.

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