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The Ghost of Confirmation Hearings PastThomasClarenceImage

Instead of trying to determine whether or not Bret Kavanaugh will be confirmed from an incomplete horoscope (which is all we have) I’ve decided to take a stroll down memory lane to a situation that was eerily similar, and for which we have a complete horoscope for the at least one of the main actors.

In Oct 1991 Clarence Thomas seemed to be a lock to be confirmed for the Supreme Court when a woman name Anita Hill came forward with claims that he had sexually harassed her while she was employed as his assistant. We have a time of birth for Justice Thomas (click on Clarence Thomas to see the chart) so we let's compare what was going on back then to what we know now.

The most striking thing about Thomas’ horoscope is the conjunction both Saturn and Pluto to his Ascendant. This certainly marks him as a conservative person. Saturn, in particular, is associated with authority figures and a strict adherence to the rules. Pluto on the ascendant is indicative of someone who respects power, understand how to use it and wants to get it. What makes this conjunct even more important within the chart is the fact that are no dynamic aspects to personal planets. To tell the truth, the second most striking thing about this chart is the scarcity strong aspects.

On the day that Anita Hill gave her testimony to the Senate, however, this relatively quiet natal chart lit up like a Christmas tree. Transiting Mars, appropriately enough, was square Thomas’ Moon. (Conflict with women) Mars was also trine Thomas’ Uranus which is a more fortunate aspect, particularly so given that in his natal chart Uranus is opposed to lucky Jupiter. However, the real dark cloud looming over Thomas that day was Pluto. It was square his natal Saturn which sits close to his Ascendant. His “straight arrow” identity was being challenged by a different kind of power, the power of public perception.

Thomas' secondary progressed chart was also active during this period. As you might expect, he had some positive things going on. After all, he was being nominated to the Supreme Court. His secondary progressed Venus was on his natal Sun and his progressed Jupiter was almost exactly trine his Saturn. However, there were also some connections that were more problematic. Thomas’ progressed Sun was conjunct his natal Pluto (echoing the transiting Pluto square) and progressed Mars was separating from a conjunction to his natal Neptune, indicating credibility issues.

Thomas is a Sun sign Cancer, but he managed to keep his emotions relatively in check during his hearing. There were no tears or blubbering like we saw with Kavanaugh (who put in Moon in Cancer on full display.) In fact, using the craftiness of Pluto, Thomas was able to turn the tables on his accusers by claiming that he (a black man) was the victim of a “high-tech lynching” at the hands of (mostly white) Democratic Senators. When it came down to a vote, he was confirmed.

In the partial horoscope we have for Kavanaugh there are some positive aspects but none of the challenging aspects that showed up in Thomas’ chart in 1991. This leads me to believe that there is something important with the angles of the chart of the position of the Moon that we can’t see without a time of birth.

The positive aspects I’m talking about are the square to his Sun by transiting Jupiter, which wasn’t that close last week but will be within a degree on Saturday. Also, as I said in an earlier entry, Kavanaugh’s secondary progressed Jupiter is trine his Mars. Looking at these aspect by themselves I would predict that Kavanaugh would definitely be confirmed, but since there are obviously other thing going on, I'm as much in the dark as everyone else..

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