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Brett Fretting About BrettKavanaughImage

Earlier this month, when writing about the Sept. 9 New Moon, I pointed out that Neptune was interfering with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, and that even if this was not enough to stop his confirmation (at the time it seemed assured) it would certainly “muddy” the process. Well, now the mud around Judge Kavanaugh is good and deep and the wrestling is about to start.

A few days later, also before Senator Feinstein produced that infamous letter, I made a stab at reading Kavanaugh’s horoscope without a time of birth. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I was particularly interested in the contrast between Kavanaugh’s Aquarius Sun sign and his Cancer Moon. He is a man conflicted, pulled between the firm rationalism of Aquarius and the inconstant emotionalism of Cancer. I wrote that this conflict made him prone to sudden shifts in behavior.

At the time, I was thinking about how he might vote on certain cases brought before the Supreme Court, but it also applies to his behavior away for the bench. Adding to the confusion, Kavanaugh has Neptune square his Sun and Mercury. I said that this aspect indicated that Kavanaugh didn’t really know himself. What I didn’t say then, because I felt it was too partisan, was that Neptune is also associated with lying.

Another thing often associated with Neptune is alcoholism. This is not to say that everyone with Neptune square their Sun is destined to be an alcoholic (or a drug addict), only that aspects like this are frequently found in people with these problems. The descriptions of Kavanaugh behavior in high school and college certainly sound like descriptions of a young alcoholic. Of course, Kavanaugh has denied all of these accusations and has instead portrayed himself as being all but angelic during these years.

This is how Neptune works. In the course of trying to fool everyone else, we fool ourselves. We begin to believe our own fantasies and reality no longer matters. If Kavanaugh had admitted at the very beginning that he had problems with alcohol during his youth and this led him to behave badly, today’s hearing would probably be a non-event. Instead, his career and reputation are on the line.

The most dramatic transit I can see in the partial horoscope I have for Kavanaugh is the opposition of transiting Neptune to his natal Uranus and Pluto. However, without a complete chart it’s really impossible to give any kind of reading of this aspect. Neptune is semi-sextile his natal Mercury, a weak aspect, but since it supports the square between Neptune and Mercury in his natal chart, I think we can expect Kavanaugh to stick to his story despite the fact that it has been seriously undermined by this week’s revelations.

In Kavanaugh’s secondary progressed chart, Jupiter is trine his natal Mars. This is a positive aspect and we can see it’s influence in the fact that he was picked, out of several candidates, for this process. Of course, it has turned out to be not such a lucky break. A complete horoscope would tell us why this is, but for now all we can do is watch.

I don’t have a date of birth for Christine Blasey Ford. Today at 10AM the Moon will be square Mars. The Sun will be trine Mars all day. I expect the hearing to be contentious but, all in all, it’s a good day for airing differences of opinion. My feeling is that Ms. Ford’s testimony is not longer as crucial as it once was, considering that we have several other women making similar accusations. Still, for Judge Kavanaugh, it could be the day that his Neptune meets the fatal shore of reality.