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Following the Moon Sept. 24, 2018

In my last “Following the Moon” entry I had talked about the opposition to the Sept. 9 New Moon by Neptune. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) Since the Sun and Moon were in the 9th House of justice and the law (when set for Washington D.C.) I had said that Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing would dominate the news. I also wrote that the process was going to be messy and filled with intrigue because of the influence of Neptune. I made the prediction that Kavanaugh would be “muddied.”

Well, two weeks later and a very muddy Brett Kavanaugh is still waiting to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. I had said that I didn’t think that the Neptune opposition was enough to stop his nomination, but it has been sufficient to delay it. Now we are entering a new lunation cycle with a very different horoscope.

Before I get into that, I want to point out something I didn’t write about in the Sept. 9 entry. The traditional reading of Neptune in Pisces is all about water. The hurricane that hit the Carolinas during this last lunation brought a lot of destruction, mostly caused by flooding. This was an occasion when two sides of Neptune’s symbolism were actualized: the planet’s social connection to scandal and its elemental connection to water. One thing I missed in the Sept. 9 chart was the placement of Jupiter, which is trine Neptune and sextile the Sun and Moon. Jupiter expands. It creates excess. The fact that the aspect is positive indicates that the hurricane was not as destructive as it could have been, but still the excess of water has brought this area much misery.

That brings me to the Full Moon chart for Sept. 24. (Click here to see the chart.) The placement of the Moon in the 10th Houses indicates that issues involving figures of authority will be paramount. The Sun in the 4th is conjunct Mercury, so matters related to the press or communication are involved. However, what is most remarkable about this chart is the fact that Saturn squares both the Sun and Moon. This indicates that the figures of authority I spoke of are going to face a significant challenge.

I had said of the Sept. 9 chart that Neptune opposed to the Sun and Moon would not be enough to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Saturn square the Sun and Moon might be. The involvement of Mercury indicates that the testimony of Kavanaugh’s accuser (now set for Thursday) will be a decisive factor. However, Mercury is also square Saturn, so she is going to be challenged.

Mars in this chart holds a position similar to what we saw with Jupiter in the last lunation. Mars trines the Sun and Mercury and sextiles the Moon. This indicates that Ms. Ford’s testimony will be dynamic and effective. However, Mars favors masculine energy, while Saturn typically represents the establishment, so she is going to be met with stubborn opposition. Republican’s are still going to try to bully Kavanaugh’s confirmation through the Senate.

It is also possible that we could see some other challenge to the executive branch of government. The involvement of Mars indicates that the military could be involved.  Also, the square between Mars and Uranus is still a factor in this chart (just as it was in the Sept. 9 chart.) Uranus is quincunx the Sun and semi-sextile the Moon. The last lunation brought the “surprise” letter accusing Kavanaugh of attempted rape. This one could bring an even bigger “shock to the system”. The might even be some sort of military action involving a foreign government. All in all, it should be a very interesting two weeks.

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