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The Fox News WarriorsMarsSymbol

I don’t watch a lot of Fox News, though I know of people who say they can’t live without it. However, I saw a clip of Jeanine Pirro ranting about the Brett Kavanaugh mess the other day and I said to myself, “That woman has got some serious Mars issues.” I ran a partial horoscope for Pirro (without a time of birth) and, sure enough, she has Mars in a close conjunction with her Sun. (Click on Jeanine Pirro to see the chart.)

That got me to thinking, so I did partial horoscope of another Fox News personality: Sean Hannity. Hannity is known for his vocal defense of, and close relationship with President Trump. (It has been reported that they talk on the phone every day.) Hannity’s Sun is in Capricorn and it is also in a close conjunction with Mars. (Click on Sean Hannity to see the chart.)

Sensing a trend, I searched my memory for other well-known conservative commentators. Ann Coulter’s name immediately came to mind. Coulter had made a career out of bashing the left in books and various other media. Again, we have no time of birth for Coulter, but a partial chart (click on Ann Coulter to see the horoscope) shows us that she too had the Sun conjunct Mars.

I checked a couple more Fox News firebrands, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson, and was disappointed to find no Sun to Mars conjunctions in their charts. However, both did have some pretty intense Mars action. Ingraham has Mars conjunct Pluto and square Venus, Mercury and possibly the Moon and Carlson has Mars opposed to Mercury and trine his Venus. (Click on Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson to see the partial horoscopes.)

Mars represents the warrior in human nature. Though some people might abhor the notion, being a warrior is at times necessary. Competition is a fact of life and we all need to see ourselves, in one respect or another, as winners. We need to assert ourselves, stand up for our rights and make our voices heard. You don’t have to be a military officer or a world champion or a C.E.O. in order to honor your Mars. You just have to be in charge of your own life and willing to fight for those things you truly desire and those people you truly love.

So it is not surprising that these multi-media warriors all have strong Mars aspects. Not only have they excelled in a highly competitive field, they are in a business being warriors and bring out the Mars, warrior spirit in their viewers. Of course, there is an ugly side of Mars, the side that makes winning the only priority and thinks that fairness and kindness are for losers. When we are actualizing our Mars we always have to mindful of this ugly side. In the heat of battle it is all too easy for the warrior to become the bully

I’m not going to offer an opinion on whether or not the people named here have crossed that line. Some would say they have, while others will claim they are fighting the good fight. However, I do think that having all this Mars energy on the conservative side of the political spectrum  (led by our president who had Mars strongly placed on his Ascendant) has created culture of aggression that is far from helpful. Democracy is built on compromise and Mars doesn't understand compromise. All Mars knows is winning. A democracy that has one side totally under the influence of Mars can't be sustained.