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Paul Manafort Makes a DealManafortImage

I have been remiss. I’ve been looking at the partial horoscope of Paul Manafort for a while now and focusing on the transiting aspects. I never considered his secondary progressed chart. I don’t often look at secondary progressions for horoscopes without a time of birth because the position of the secondary progressed Moon, a primary factor, can’t be known. However, when I read of about Manafort’s plea agreement I decided to take a peek, and all I can say now is, “Bingo!”

When I was just looking at the current transits for Paul Manafort, all I could see was the movement of transiting Mars into a sextile aspect with his natal Mercury. It is also quincunx his natal Saturn. These are aspects indicative of a let’s-get-serious mood, but they lack the power that I would have expected to see considering the importance of the deal Manafort struck today.

When I looked at Manafort’s transits after his first trial, where he was convicted on 8 counts, I was also disappointed in the lack of a dynamic transit. I knew there must be more going on, but this is not unusual when we are dealing with a partial horoscope in which the important angles (such as the Ascendant and Midheaven) are unknown.

However, in this case, the rest of the story lay in Manafort’s secondary progressed chart. In that chart Mars is square is his natal Saturn. (Click here to see a double chart with Manafort’s current secondary progressions in the outer circle.) Astrologers aren’t supposed to use terms like “bad” aspects any more, but this is a bad aspect. The most succinct description I can think of for this aspect is a hammer coming down. It is indicative of a period time in which the person feels defeated, exhausted, trapped and, either figuratively or literally, imprisoned.

With this aspect in his secondary progressed chart I’m a little surprised that Manafort continued this fight for as long as he did. However, he is an Aries by Sun sign with the Sun conjunct Mars. Fighting is second nature to him. Aries people aren’t real good at recognizing when they’ve been beaten. Sometimes this allows them to reverse the tide of battle, and other times it just getting them knocked around a lot more than is necessary.

When you combine Manafort’s current transits with this secondary progression things get really interesting. His secondary progressed Mars is also sextile his natal Mercury. As I said, transiting Mars is also sextile his natal Mercury and quincunx his natal Saturn. Essentially, Mars was speaking to Manafort from two different directions, and his Mercury (the problem-solver and deal-maker) listened.

Another thing that can come out of a secondary progressed Mars square to Saturn is depression. Since Manafort was hospitalized for this illness after the fall of Viktor Yanukovych (see “Astrology at Work: Paul Manafort”) I would guess that this is an issue for him. This leads me to believe that the deal he cut with Robert Mueller more closely resembles a complete surrender than a clever manipulation. If that’s the case, we might be seeing Paul Manafort again, only this time as a witness for the prosecution.