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Fretting Over Brett

The looming probability that Donald Trump’s second Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh, will be confirmed sometime during the next two weeks has got me thinking about his horoscope. We don’t have a time of birth for Kavanaugh, of course, but we can do a chart for noon on his date of birth. (Click on Brett Kavanaugh to see the chart.)

Kavanaugh is an Aquarius by Sun sign. I’ve heard it said that Aquarians tend to be liberals, but there are many prominent examples of staunchly conservative Sun sign Aquarian (Ronald Reagan, Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin.) What unites Aquarius people is not their politics. It is their firm and unbending devotion to their ideals and principles and their tendency to view the world from the context of those principles.

So, even though Kavanaugh has been coy in his answers to Democratic Senators, we can assume that his conservative principles are rock solid. He deals with problems in an abstract, intellectual manner and tends to discount emotional concerns or extenuating circumstances. That which concurs with his principles is automatically right, and that which does not is automatically wrong.

The intellectual precision of Kavanaugh’s Sun (Mercury and Venus) in Aquarius is softened somewhat by the placement of his Moon in Cancer. In my book, “Father Sun, Mother Moon” I say of this combination of Sun and Moon signs, “You are one of the most conservative Sun sign Aquarians.” The conservatism I’m talking about here has nothing to do with politics. It is about the avoidance of risks. The main concern for people with the Moon in Cancer is security, on both a physical and emotional level.

Moon in Cancer people often project a quality of vulnerability. They are acutely sensitive to emotion hurts and psychological pressure and they are prone to emotional, subjective decisions. Maintaining his Aquarian firmness and intellectual distance against the emotional pull of this Cancer Moon is a struggle for Kavanaugh.

The most dynamic aspect in this chart is the square to Kavanaugh’s Sun and Mercury by Neptune. This indicates that Kavanaugh is not always sure of what he wants or even who he is. This lack of certainty is an added drag on his Aquarian principles. It makes it easier for Kavanaugh to apply those principles where they best suits his emotional needs and to ignore them in those instances when they don’t.  As an Aquarian, this is a side of his nature that he is always fighting against.

In the best-case scenario this Neptune aspect, along with his Cancer Moon, adds compassion and empathy to Kavanaugh’s intellectual Aquarius nature. He will be a classic example of the “compassionate conservative” that Jack Kemp and George Bush used to talk about, a man of principles who is still able to see the flesh-and-blood ramifications of his intellectualized abstractions.

In the worst-case scenario, however, this combination only makes him a weak Aquarius, an Aquarian who clings to his principles out of insecurity instead of intellectual clarity and loses the inner strength, vision and independence that are the best features of this Sun sign. Without a complete horoscope it is difficult to know which way Kavanaugh will go. However, from what I seen and read of Kavanaugh thus far, I’m inclined to expect the latter.

If he is confirmed, my prediction is that Kavanaugh will be a weak and mostly silent Supreme Court Justice, that he will trail along after the majority and make only limited contributions. However, from what I can see in this partial horoscope, Kavanaugh is a man conflicted, and conflict breeds instability. This instability could cause Kavanaugh to veer into unexpected directions on occasion, when the emotionality of his Cancer Moon sneaks one over on his intellectual Aquarius Sun.

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