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Following the Moon: Sept. 9, 2018MoonImagePurple

I said that the Aug. 26 Full Moon predicted a period when the important stuff would be happening behind closed doors. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) What I didn’t expect was that we would be getting a sneak peak behind those closed doors. Both Bob Woodward’s new book and the anonymous op ed published in the New York Times gave us long and alarming look into the inner working of the Trump administration.

Since the Woodward used sources he will not identify, and we don’t know who wrote the op-ed, they both fit nicely into the Twelfth House symbolism of secrecy. Also, the person who wrote the “Times” piece is technically a servant, and that fits into the symbolism of the Sixth House (In the Full Moon chart, the Sun is in the Twelfth and the Moon is in the Sixth.) The strength of Neptune in the Full Moon chart turned out to have less to do with its traditional meaning (water) and more with the meaning that it has invariably taken on in the era or Trump (scandal.) The square between Pluto and Venus obviously refers to the way in which Republicans are trying to bully the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh through the Senate.

I’m still perplexed about the Grand Trine that dominates this chart. I don’t see it as being reflected in the behavior of the President or the dominant events of the lunation period. However, I did get one thing right. I said that the quiet of this two-week period would be disrupted on Sept. 6 when Saturn turned direct (heading for an opposition to Trump’s Mercury). Excerpts from Woodward’s book and the New York Times op-ed both came out on the 5th, and the fallout began on the 6th.

The New Moon for Sept. 9 (click here to see the chart) puts the Sun and the Moon in the Ninth House, which is associated with the law and courts. This tells us that Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings will take center stage during this lunation period. Since Neptune is opposed to the Sun and Moon, it is going to be a sloppy process. We’ve already seen efforts to obscure Kavanaugh’s record (by the Republicans) and the release of supposedly “secret” emails (by the Democrats.) We can expect more of this sort of subterfuge. I don’t think this Neptune opposition is enough to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation, but he is definitely going to be muddied by the process and may even at times lose his Aquarian cool.

Of course, given the many legal issues facing Donald Trump at the moment, the placement of the Sun and Moon in the Ninth could signal significant movement on another court case. As I said earily, whenever Neptune is emphasized in one of these lunation charts, a new scandal seems to rear its ugle head.

The other interesting think about this chart is the T-square involving Mars, Venus and Uranus. Saturn is also involved, being trine to Uranus and sextile to Venus. Since Venus is in the Eleventh House, which I associate with political parties, and Mars is all about anger, I think this aspect describes President Trump’s reaction to the “resistance” within his administration. We’ve already heard him throw around words like “sedition” and “treason”. Uranus always tends toward the extreme. Given the level of paranoia Trump has previously displayed and his concern for personal loyalty, I think we’re going to see him take extraordinary measures to root out his "anonymous" enemies..

Another thing to keep in mind, relative to our president’s mood, is that both transiting Venus and Mars will be making hard aspects to Uranus during this period. For the next two weeks there will only be a couple of days when one or the other is not within a degree of aspect. Everyone’s going to be feeling some degree of tension in their relationships. For Donald Trump that tension is going to be particular intense. This could lead to behavior that surprises and shocks even the most jaded Trump-watcher..

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