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Following the Moon: Aug. 26, 2018MoonImagePurple

Once again, I must point out how difficult it is to predict events with astrology given the diversity of the symbolism of every planet and sign. When I looked the New Moon chart for Aug. 11 with Mercury on the Ascendant (click here to see that article and chart) I took from the many things that Mercury can symbolize, documents, specifically legal documents, since Mercury was aspected by Jupiter. However, instead of a subpoena for Donald Trump, which I predicted, we got a guilty plea from Michael Cohen in which he confirms that his crimes were committed at the behest of President Donald Trump.

Mercury’s symbolism relates to the event of the past two weeks in multiple ways that I did not foresee. Cohen, as Trumps “fixer” was a servant, which works with Mercury’s symbolism as the natural ruler of the Sixth House. David Pecker, the publisher of the “National Inquirer” who was given immunity this week and has a safe full of incriminating evidence against Trump, represents Mercury as the symbol of communication, particularly gossip. Allen Weisselberg, the Chief Financial Officer for the Trump organization who also received immunity this week, matches with Mercury’s symbolism of bookkeepers. The symbolism of Mercury has been all over the place in recent days (except in the corner of Donald Trump.)

The Pluto influence I spoke of seems to apply the push to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. At first, it was Kavanaugh possible opposition to abortion that had liberals worried. Now it’s his apparent belief that the chief executive should be above the law. And, as always, we have ominous threats from the President aimed at the Mueller investigation, the Justice Department and, of course, poor, little Jeff Sessions.

That brings us to the Full Moon chart for Aug. 26. (Click here to see the chart.) The good news for the Trump gang is that this chart (when done for Washington, D.C.) puts the Sun and Moon in the 12th and 6th Houses, indicating that the important stuff will be going on behind the scenes. Of course, that might not be such good news, since those doors could be the doors to the private offices of prosecutors working for Mueller and the various other agencies that are now investigating Trump and his operations.

The Sun and Moon form a “kite” pattern with the trine between Saturn and Uranus. The Sun completes a Grand Trine with Saturn and Uranus, while the Moon is sextile to both. As I have said, this is an “uncomfortable” aspect, in that it facilitates the union two planets that don’t agree. My guess is that Trump (the Sun in this chart, and in his own mind) will try to counter his current troubles by calling on tradition (Saturn) on the one hand and using his famous capacity for disruption and contrariness (Uranus) on the other. However, given the placement of the Sun and Moon, I think his actions will be limited to complaint and threats behind closed doors, and angry tweets to the public.

When set for Washington, D.C. Neptune in Pisces is close to the Descendant and quincunx Mercury. This could refer to the hurricane that is currently hitting Hawaii with high winds and (related to Pisces, a Water sign) heavy rains. We might see Trump flying to Hawaii to support the relief effort in the next two weeks. However, the placement of Mercury in the 11th House indicates that this will have more to do with politics than compassion.

Overall, I think this is going to be a much quieter two-week period. However, there one planet that I am watching closely. On Sept. 6, near the end of this lunation cycle, transiting Saturn turns direct. It will be begin moving toward its final opposition to Donald Trump’s natal Mercury. The aspect won’t happen until Dec., but sometimes just the change direction of a planet making a crucial aspect to a natal chart is enough to activate behavior. Given the mounting pressure on Trump, that behavior could end up making some major noise.