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Neptune Assaults John BrennanBrennanJImage

In the horoscope of Donald Trump Mars sits close to his Ascendant. He is a man who identifies himself as a fighter. However, since he has Leo rising, he only initiates fights that he knows he can win, and when one crops up in which he seems to be at a disadvantage, he typically finds a less formidable target and sucker punches him or her squarely in the nose. So, with the Mueller investigation bearing down on him and after being outmaneuvered by Omarosa, Trump lashed out at ex-C.I.A. director John Brennan.

John Brennan presented a “safe” target because there is nothing he can do about having his security clearance canceled except complain, and Trump loves hearing the people he’s bullying complain. Yes, the outrage expressed by scores of ex-intelligence official and high-ranking military people sounds impressive to some, but not to his base or to congressional Republicans. They are quite content to stand by while Trump uses the power of his office to punish people who might testify against him, along with anyone else on his long and ever-growing list of enemies.

A look at the horoscope of John Brennan explains why he was chosen to be the first of Trump’s critics in the intelligence community to feel the President’s wrath. (Click here to see a partial horoscope done for noon on Brennan’s date of birth.) Neptune is moving retrograde opposite Brennan’s natal Mars. His Mars is in Virgo and Neptune is in Pisces, signs that have a lot to do with service and sacrifice. We might say that Brennan has become the sacrificial lamb representing the entire US intelligence community, retired and currently serving, which has never been entirely in sync with President Trump’s methods.

The fact that Brennan has had his own problems with telling the truth (note Mercury conjunct Neptune in his chart) has certainly provided cover for Trump and his allies. However, when you read about these missteps (spying on a Senate staffer's computer and seriously underestimating collateral deaths cause by C.I.A. drone strikes) and the outrage they inspired, it almost makes you nostalgic for the "old days" when skullduggary in Washington was still in the "normal" range.

In an odd way, transiting Neptune in Pisces has sort of become Donald Trump’s hit man. It was opposite Mercury in the horoscope Robert Mueller late last year when the President intensified his attempts to undercut the special prosecutor’s investigation. Now Neptune has moved on to molest Brennan’s Mars. Of course, the sign opposite Pisces is Virgo, which is associated with analysis and dealing with details. Trump is notorious for the way he ignores or mangles details. And, of course, it's the details of his dealings with the Russians and porn stars that are constantly causing him trouble.

Also, in the partial horoscope we have for John Brennan we have transiting Uranus square natal Uranus. This indicates that Brennan is entering a period in which he feels previous fetters and inhibitions dropping away. A Virgo by Sun sign, Brennan found the role of being a public servant a natural fit, and he no doubt identified strongly with that role. Now that his years of service have been essentially nullified, I think that he is going to feel liberated. What he does with that freedom could surprise a lot of people, including the President of the United States.

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