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A Season of Trines

Astrologer are always trying to relate the arrangement of planet in the sky at a particular time to the events of that time. When it come to angular aspects between planets (conjunctions, squares and oppositions) we have a decent track record of major turning points in world history aligning with these aspects. The softer aspects (sextiles and trines) are a different story. We assume they have some influence, but it is often difficult to pin them to significant events, but I'm going to try.

We are currently under a couple of those “soft” aspects. Transiting Jupiter is trine transiting Neptune and transiting Saturn is trine transiting Uranus. Jupiter and Neptune have a lot in common. Jupiter likes to exaggerate. Neptune tends to obscure the truth. Jupiter is generous. Neptune is compassionate, Jupiter promotes. Neptune seduces. Jupiter favors religion and philosophy. Neptune favors spirituality. Jupiter represents larger-than-life characters, Neptune glamor and pop culture.

The Jupiter/Neptune trine came within a degree at the same time as Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s book about her time in the Trump administration came out. I think we can see its influence in the stir this book has created. On the Jupiter side, both Omarosa and Trump are larger-than-life characters, and both have been known to exaggerate. And then we have two known liars (and former friends) calling each other liars. What could be more Neptunian than that.

Jupiter is picking up speed right now and this aspect will be history by the end of August, but I think we might see more of this Jupiter/Neptune nonsense before then. Who knows, we might even see some of the positive attributes of these two planets, like generosity and spirituality, as well.

The Saturn trine to Uranus aspect is more difficult to nail down. It began a week or so before the Jupiter/Neptune trine and will continue to be within a degree until the last week of September. One reason this aspect is hard to read is because it is a positive aspect between two planets that do not get along. Even in mythology, Saturn usurped and castrated Uranus. Uranus sort of returned the favor in astrological lore by taking over Aquarius, which used to be one of Saturn’s signs.

At more basic level, Saturn and Uranus represent very different human activities and attitudes. Saturn is all about tradition, discipline and obeying authority. Uranus seeks to transcend tradition and loves disrupting the aims of authority figures. Putting these two planets together in a “good” aspect is like going on vacation with someone you really don't like. The object is to relax, but can you really with “THAT PERSON” sitting next to you?

I see evidence of this trine in the current political situation. A lot of people are expecting a “blue wave” in November, with democrats making big gains in congress. However, expectations don’t always create results, and this has both side feeling tense and looking for confirmation or debunking of these expectations in every primary or special election. Moreover, the Republicans seem intent on pushing through their supreme court nominee ahead of any possible changes. It’s a situation in which there is a lot of nervousness, a lot of hope and dread, but no possible resolution. That’s not going to happen until after this trine is long gone.

That will be at the beginning of October, when the fate of judge Kavanaugh will be probably be known and we'll have polling that will give us a better idea about the reality of the "blue wave". Meanwhile, Jupiter will be pushing through Scorpio and will reach the 29th degree to that sign just in time to oppose Uranus in Taurus on election day. That aspect promises big surprises, but for who?


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