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Following the Moon: Aug. 11, 2018moonimage

The problem with doing predictive work with astrology is that each factor you’re working with can symbolize a multitude of things. I looked at the conjunction of the Moon with Mars in the July 27 Full Moon chart, along with Uranus square the opposition to the Sun and Moon and I saw violence. Instead, we got another manifestation of the symbolism of Mars: fire. (Click here to see that article and the chart.)

The wildfires in California have been called the worst ever and they seem to be getting worse. If I had done the Full Moon chart for Sacramento instead of Washington D.C. I would have seen that the Moon and Mars were conjunct the IC and the Sun was on the MC, with Uranus riding the Descendant. With all of this angular action, it is easy to see why California fell into the crosshairs of this Full Moon’s fiery potential.

Chicago got a taste of it as well, with a bloody outbreak of gang-related shooting last weekend. The influence of Mars can also be seen in the president’s tweets during the past two weeks, which have become even more aggressive, insulting and direct in expressing his desire to shut down the Mueller investigation. (Apparently obstruction of justice is one of those crimes that doesn’t count if you do it in front of an audience of millions.) Meanwhile, the angry Venus influence in that chart showed up late, with the release of Omarosa Mangault’s book and the accusations about the president contained therein.

At first glance the New Moon and Eclipse chart for Aug. 11 (click here to see the chart) seems to present us with a more peaceful picture, but things are not a simple as they appear. When done Washington D.C. the Sun and Moon are placed in the First House, and as was just illustrated, the action is usually going to be at the place that puts the lunation in an angular house.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct Mercury which forms a nearly exact square with Jupiter (which is in the angular Fourth House.) Mercury is on the Ascendant, further increasing it’s influence in the horoscope and Uranus is conjunct the MC. Uranus is still in a square aspect with Mars, so violence is still possible, but I think we’re more likely to see some Uranian shocks and surprises.

The strength of Mercury in this chart indicates that some sort of document is going to be a paramount issue during the next two weeks. Since Mercury is square to Jupiter, which has to do with the law, this document might have legal ramifications. To me that describes a subpoena, such as the one Robert Mueller may have the issue for President Trump. That would certainly be a Uranian shock to the Trump administration and set off a court battle that could take us into 2019.

Such an action would cheer the “resistance”, but the trine to Uranus by Saturn indicates that a resolution of the issue will be delayed. There’s a sneaky quincunx to the Sun and Moon from Pluto, telling us that the power-that-be will be busy behind the scenes trying to stack the deck in their favor. Venus in the chart is square Saturn. This could be more bad news for women, but I tend to see it as the Omarosa noise playing in the background.

Other possibilities include a verdict in the Manafort trial that either strikingly harsh or shockingly benign or significant movement in the Michael Cohen case. We could also see another indictment coming from Mueller’s office. It could also be documents or legal issues totally unrelated to Trump or involving other things symbolized by Mercury (young people, writers and businesses involved in communications.) However, with the New Moon in the First House in a chart set for Washington D.C., I think that we have to assume that the action is going to be close to the seat of power.

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