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Donald Trump Jr.: Circling the Drain

The Trump family has never been shy about publicity but recently the name of the “First Son” has been popping up in places that can’t please either him or his father. Trump Junior’s meeting with Russians in 2016 has once again become a hot topic and the story behind that event has come to resemble a werewolf under a full moon. It seems to be getting hairier with every passing moment.

I’m using a horoscope for Donald Jr. that I saw on an internet newsletter from a respected astrological organization a couple of years ago. The article didn’t list a source and I failed to note the author. Since then I’ve looked for it on other sites and found nothing. I’m continuing to use it, however, because there are several things about it that I think work very well. Hopefully, at some point, verifiable birth data for Trump Jr. will be revealed and we’ll see how right (or wrong) it is. (Click on Donald Trump Jr. to see the chart.)

The big transit for Donald Trump Jr. this year is Saturn moving across his natal Venus. This aspect made it’s first hit in late January 2018. A couple of months later it was announced that he and his wife were getting divorced. That’s exactly what any astrologer would expect with this kind of transit. However, during the past couple of weeks, while Saturn was making its second pass, the big issue in Junior’s life seems have become the Mueller investigation and the possibility (some say probability) of an indictment.

This is where the questionable horoscope I’m using comes into play. In that chart Venus is in the 1st House of identity and it rules the 10th House of reputation and career. Saturn makes its last pass over Don Jr.’s Venus in late October, just before the mid-term elections. Given the pace at which the Mueller probe is moving, it wouldn’t be out of the question that this issue could linger into the autumn months and reach a turning point (with regard to Don Jr.’s identity and career) just as Saturn hits this significant degree.

That’s not the only interesting transit to this chart. Neptune is opposed the Moon and square Neptune. Let me caution you that, if this time of birth is off by several hours, the opposition to the Moon would not be a factor. However, it does aptly describe the quagmire in which young Don’s dissimulations have landed him. And, since transiting Neptune is in the 3rd House of communication, it also describes the fact that the thing that is currently dragging him down are his father’s tweets.

I could add to this that Trump Junior’ Neptune, which being squared by transiting Neptune is in the 12th House, which is traditionally associated with jail. However, I want to move on to the secondary progressions for this chart. Right now, secondary progressed Mercury in this horoscope is moving into an opposition with Trump Jr.’s natal Mars. That’s indicative of bad news and destructive speech and thoughts.

The horoscope I’m using has Mars placed in the 8th House, which has to do with deep, psychological issues, family secrets and transformation. On a more mundane level, the 8th is associated with investment, inheritance and “other people’s money.” My guess is that, if the truth about the Trump family’s messy dealings with the Russian ever does spill out, all of these 8th House attributes are going to be highlighted.

Like I said, I have no means of verifying this horoscope for Trump Jr., so much (though not all) of what I’ve written here may be invalid. However, even with just the aspects that apply regardless of his time of birth, this is going to be rough year for Donald Trump Jr.