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Lebron James and the Many Faces of Neptunelabronjamesimage

Lebron James has accomplished a lot in his 33 years of life: three NBA championships (one with the “home” team of his youth), multiple (and we would assume lucrative) product endorsements and appearances in a slew of movies and TV shows. Of course, he’s also considered by many to be the greatest basketball player of all time. However, last Friday James received an honor that can only be claimed by a few outside the news media. He was called out in a tweet by President Donald Trump.

In light of this high honor, I decided to look at a partial horoscope for James. (Click on Lebron James to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) What I found was that transiting Neptune is currently square his natal Mercury and Uranus. The fact that Mercury and Uranus are conjunct in James’ chart indicates a strain of idealism in his practical, Capricorn nature. This tendency is reinforced by the placement of the two planets in generous Sagittarius.

Neptune, like every planet in astrology, has multiple faces. One of those faces is compassion and altruism. We saw evidence of the face recently when James announced that he was financing a school in his hometown of Akron designed to help poor children get a better start in their education. This is a wonderful expression of the compassion of Neptune activating the idealism of the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus in his chart.

I have some concerns about the future of this school because the aspect is a square and things begun under the influence of Neptune rarely go in the direction we intended. However, these astrological details in no way diminish the beauty of James’ gesture. (I have much greater reservations about the other big decision James made under this aspect: joining the Lakers.) James’ act of charity has been universally praised and led to the interview with CNN journalist Don Lemon that drew Trump’s attention.

The other face of Neptune, which is particularly evident when it makes a hard aspect to Mercury, is a tendency to say things that put us in an awkward position. I don’t think James went into the interview with Lemon thinking that they would be taking about politics. However, when the subject came up, to quote Labron, he couldn’t “sit back and do nothing.” He said what he felt, and what he felt drew the ire of the President of the United States.

Being a Capricorn by Sun sign, James has an innate respect for authority. I don’t think that being on Donald Trump’s enemies list is something he appreciates, even though it’s a long and illustrious list. Of course, Capricorn’s also have an innate respect for order and self-discipline, qualities that our president rarely, if ever, has displayed. So, I don’t think that James in any way regrets this Neptunian slip. His decision to play for L.A., on the other hand, will probably be another matter.

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