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Following the Moon July 27, 2018

This last New Moon (July 12) was not nearly as “mixed” as I expected. (Click here to see the article and chart.) I expected the Grand Trine in that chart to produce something positive, but the only good news that seems to have come out of this cycle was the trade deal with Europe that emerged in its final days. That deal promises to shut down the tariffs that Trump had threatened to put on European products, but there are still a lot of details to be worked out.

The opposition of Pluto to the Sun and Moon in the July 12 chart obviously refers to the Helsinki summit. The “power play” that I had expected turned out to be the way Putin overwhelmed our president and got him to say exactly what he wanted him to say. The multiple excuses and attempts to rewrite the event by the White House will never remove the chill we all felt at seeing the President of the United States so clearly under the power of a foreign leader.

I was also wrong about the scandal that I foresaw. I had said that maybe Trump would not be involved for a change. Instead, he (or at least his voice on one of tapes taken from Michael Cohen’s office) was the central character. The tape seems to establish that Trump was aware of and helped orchestrate the quashing of Karen McDougal’s story of her affair with him. The tape does not appear to implicate Trump in anything illegal. It’s just proves that the president is a liar, which at this point is like proving water is wet.

One look at the chart for tomorrow’s Full Moon and lunar eclipse is enough to put any astrologer on edge. (Click of Full Moon to see the chart.) It features a T-square with the Moon and Mars on one arm, the Sun on the other, and Uranus at the focal point. There is no way to undersell the implications for violence in this horoscope. The Sun and Moon sit at the end of the 2nd and 8th houses (in the Koch system). This would indicate instability in the economy, or perhaps a violent attack on some institution representing the moneyed class. But since the Sun and Moon are so close to moving into the 9th House, a violent event involving some foreign entity is not out of the question.

Uranus, at the focus of this T-square is squarely in the 5th. This seems to focus the energy of the T-square in the area ruling children. Of course, the mess caused by the separation of children from their parents at the Mexican border is far from fixed. That could blow up in the headlines once again, but we might see some violent event involving gambling houses or sports arenas, also under the purview of the 5th.

At first glance, Venus at the top of the chart, conjunct the Midheaven, seems to promise a happy outcome, but Venus is connected to the T-square by a 45-degree angle (a semi-square) to the Sun and 135-degree aspects (sesquiquadrate) to the Moon, Mars and Uranus. Rather than saving us, I think that Venus could represent a perpetrator of the violence or a cause for the instability, meaning that women or issues involving women will be involved.

Neptune is opposed to Venus. So far, I haven’t been wrong in saying that the prominence of Neptune in one of these lunation charts indicates a new or expanded scandal. This could either come out of the T-square or be a separate issue. The fact that Neptune in trine Jupiter, with rules the Ascendant in this chart will, hopefully, mollify the violence I see indicated. Venus is trine Pluto which is in the 2nd house. This could be seen as a guarantee that the institutional strength of our financial institutions will survive whatever disruption Uranus and this T-square brings.

The Full Moon of June 28 featured Saturn conjunct the Moon and opposed to the Sun. After that lunation we were rocked by the ramifications of Justice Kennedy’s retirement. The New Moon chart for July 12 had the Sun and Moon opposed to Pluto. We were rocked by President Trump’s shameful performance in Helsinki. If this Full Moon chart, with the T-square I’ve describes, says nothing else, it is prepare to rocked once again.

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