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Donald Goes Martiantrumpimage

A couple or three weeks ago I saw a headline that announced that “Trump is Winning.” I didn’t read the article, but I knew what the writer was talking about. The economy was going strong, unemployment was down, he was going to get a second Supreme Court pick and, despite nationwide protests, his “zero tolerance” program at the Mexican border was holding firm. Of course, I also knew that the “lucky” aspect in his secondary progressed chart that was behind this string of good fortune was beginning to separate, (click here to see the article on that subject) and his winning streak wasn’t going to last.

Still, I’m a little surprised at how quickly things have gone south for our president. The secondary progressed aspect I was talking about is separating but at a slow rate. It won’t be a full degree away from exact (the range of effectiveness I typically uses for these aspects) until next summer. So, I decided to take another look at Trump’s chart to see what going on right now.

It is transiting Mars that is bothering President Trump at the moment. Mars is moving retrograde (an apparent backward motion relative to the Earth). That means that it is moving slower than usual. The planet is currently trine Trump’s natal Neptune. What’s interesting is that this aspect didn’t come within one degree of completion until the day after the Trump/Putin summit. What’s also interesting is that Saturn, which is also moving retrograde, is in a square aspect to Trump’s Neptune, though it is currently beyond (by 48 minutes of the arc) the one-degree limit.

Mars trine Neptune does seem to aptly describe Trump’s latest barrage of tweets, in which he lashed out at Bob Mueller, threatened war with Iran and seemed to once again question Russia’s involvement in hacking the 2016 election. They also apply to the reports coming out fo the White House that have him fuming over the failure of the North Korean regime to carry through on the promises Kim gave him last month and over the criticism he’s been getting from Republicans because of the Putin summit, which he saw as a great success.

Neptune, in it’s lowest manifestations, deals with self-deception, indefinite fears and vague intentions. Mars is all about anger, action and lashing out. Trump was apparently the only person in the world who saw his performance at the Helsinki summit as positive for the US, and this has made him angry. He fears what the Mueller investigation and the investigation of Michael Cohen might reveal about his financial affairs (his Neptune is in the Second house of money) and this also makes him angry. On top of all this, the fact that neither Iran or North Korea seem to be cowed by the military might he has at his fingertips and got him thinking vaguely (or so we hope) about using some of that might.

Of course, the aspect is a trine, so it is unlikely that Trump’s crazy tweets will be any serious repercussions. The presence of Saturn in a square aspect to Neptune added pressure to the Mars aspect, but that aspect is separating and Mars will move out of orb by the middle of the week. So, as often happens with this administration, by the weekend we will probably be dealing with a new kind of craziness.

Mars will come back to this trine during the last week of September. That should be an interesting period. However, the aspect I’m looking forward to is when Saturn, which turns direct in early September, makes another square aspect to Trump’s Neptune. That will happen during the early weeks of November. Isn’t there some sort of election that set to take place around that time?