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Following the Moon: July 12, 2018

I described the chart of the last Full Moon, on June 28, as a party for conservatives. (Click here to see that article and the chart.) President Trump made the most of the fun times by drawing out the process of picking a successor to Justice Kennedy and teasing the press. His final pick (Brett Kavanaugh) turned out to be disappointingly bland, an old-guard constitutionalist judge who has all the necessary qualifications and a vague enough record on reproductive rights to make it difficult for Democrats to vote against him.

As I expected with Saturn conjunct the Moon in the 10th House and Pluto also in the 10th, the last two weeks have felt oppressive to many people. Even the conservatives had reason to groan after the North Koreans, as every expert on that regime predicted, suddenly announced that, despite what Kim said at the summit last month, they weren’t ready to “denuclearize.” It looks like a nuclear confrontation might be back on the menu. Meanwhile, business leaders and people who follow the markets are fretting over Trump’s tariffs and their possible impact on world trade. The June 28 Full Moon seems to have left us all with a reason to feel oppressed.

I wish I could say that the New Moon and partial eclipse on July 12 promises us some relief for this oppression, but it is a mixed bag. (Click here to see the chart.) The chart features a beautiful Grand Trine with Venus, Uranus and Saturn. Venus in near the Descendant in the chart which gives it emphasis. It could be that the North Koreans will make another sharp turn, this time toward peace. The prominence of Venus in the chart indicates good news on issues involving women. It could be that the confirmation hearing for judge Kavanaugh will reveal a softer stance on Roe vs Wade than many expected.

However, there are also indications that the oppressive atmosphere will continue. Pluto is directly opposed to the New Moon. The Sun and the Moon are placed in the 5th House which rules children. This could mean that the situation with the children separated from their parents at the Mexican border is going to get worse. Pluto can indicate violence and extremism, so there could be incidents unrelated to the border situation in which children are hurt or endangered.

Also, we have to consider the fact that Pluto is in the 11th House which has to do with party politics. What this aspect might be describing is a power play (Pluto is all about power) by the Republicans in the Senate to get Kavanaugh approved.

Another interesting factor in this New Moon chart is the prominent placement of Neptune in the 1st House of the chart. Neptune is also trine the Sun and Moon and quincunx Mercury. Usually when Neptune is active in one of these lunation charts we see the emergence of a new scandal. This one might (for a change) not involve President Trump, but some other person well-known to the public. The fact that Mercury is in the 6th House indicates that a servant might be involved. (The 6th also rules pets, but I don’t want to even go there.) And the fact that Neptune is trine the Sun and Moon seems to promise that, however much trouble this scandal causes the people involved, it will be entertaining for us observers.