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Justin Bieber Gets Engagedbieberimage

Let’s take a break from politics and talk about something that isn’t going to send the country careening back to the 1950s. It was announced today that Justin Bieber is going to get married. His fiancée is Hailey Baldwin, a model and the daughter of the actor, Stephen Baldwin. None of this is particularly surprising. “Pretty Boy Pop Star to Wed Seriously Underfed Model” is not an alarming headline. Still, I decided to look at Bieber’s chart to see what’s up. (Click on Justin Bieber to see his horoscope.)

I was disappointed to see that Saturn is not currently active in Bieber’s chart. Typically, when someone is considering a serious step like marriage it’s good to have Saturn either close to one of the angles of the chart or in a hard aspect to its natal place. These are times when you are tested, and no one should enter a marriage until they are fully tested and ready for such a commitment.

Likewise, Uranus is quiet in Bieber’s chart. This doesn’t surprise me as much. Uranus transits typically bring major changes in a person’s lifestyle, but those changes tend to be sudden and difficult to predict. Bieber has been in a relationship with Baldwin for awhile now and, since they are both young and single, this step hardly meets the Uranian standards of sudden and shocking.

The aspect that is impacting Bieber’s chart right now involves Neptune. Neptune is moving retrograde toward Bieber’s IC. It will remain close to this angle, and the cusp of the Fourth house for the rest of he year. Neptune transits can also bring changes to a person’s lifestyle, but those changes typically have a slow, amorphous quality. They sneak up on you and change you in ways that you may not be able to put into words.

In a way, the connection between this Neptune aspect and Bieber’s engagement makes sense. Neptune is entering Bieber’s Fourth House which rules the home, indicating that he is pursuing a dream of home and security. Also, Neptune is strongly associated with spirituality. Baldwin is an outspoken Christian. Despite his “bad boy” reputation, Bieber has also made statements regarding his Christian faith. Being a Pisces by Sun sign, it is likely that Bieber finds comfort in this religious affinity, and it could become the basis for a sound relationship.

But there is a problem. Commitment and strict boundaries like “until death to you part” do not mix well with Neptune. Neptune is about opening doors and dissolving boundaries. Neptune transits can be wonderful times for exploring spiritual and creative dimensions of your life that you might have previously ignored. However, they are generally not the times when you want to be making definitive decisions.

Decisions made during Neptune transits typically fall apart at some point. Often there is an error in judgement or a serious flaw in your thinking that either cancels the decision or takes it in a direction that you never anticipated. With this in mind, I’m not too hopeful about Justin Bieber’s upcoming marriage. But at least it is unlikely to end in a worldwide depression or a nuclear war.

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