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Following the Moon: June 28, 2018

Boy, did I mess up. In writing about the New Moon on June 13 I correctly predicted that the victory lap Trump was bound to take after his summit with Kim Jong Un would be interrupted, but I was dead wrong about what caused the interruption. I had thought it would be foreign trade and tariffs (since the Sun and Moon were close to the cusp of the Ninth House). However, it turned out to be foreign people, specifically immigrant children being separated from their parents at the Mexican border. (Click here to see the article and the chart.)

What I missed was an aspect. The aspect was a sesquiquadrate between Venus at the top of the chart and Neptune in the Fifth House. The sesquiquadrate is an obscure aspect but, since I did write about another sesquiquadrate in that chart (between Mars and the Sun and Moon) I shouldn’t have missed it.

What I see now is that Venus on the Midheaven of the chart did set a peaceful tone, but it also made the country prone to sentimentality and emotional reactions. The conflicting aspect comes from Neptune, a planet associated with compassion (and the dissolving of borders.) It is in the Fifth House which rules children. The result was a wave of outrage and sympathy for these displaced children that became so powerful that even our fantastically tone-deaf president had to take notice.

In the chart for the Full Moon on June 28 the Fifth House is also activated. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) Venus is there in a nearly exact quincunx with Neptune. This tells us that the emotional reaction to the plight of these children is going to continue despite Trump’s order to discontinue the process of separating children from their parents. However, since the aspect is a quincunx, it will not be as intense.

However, the real action in this chart is in the Tenth House where the Moon is conjunct Saturn, and both are opposed to the Sun. Saturn and the Moon are placed very close to the Midheaven. Generally, when we see Saturn on the Midheaven of a mundane chart we anticipate trouble for authority figures and people in positions of power, but in this chart Saturn is very strong (in its own sign, Capricorn) and its placement so close to the Full Moon gives it added power.

When I first saw this chart, my first reaction was “I don’t like this at all.” It is by no means necessarily negative. Basically, Saturn represents justice, and its powerful placement in this Full Moon chart could mean that people who have done bad things will get what they deserve. But the presence of Pluto, also in Capricorn, also in the Tenth House, makes me think of a crackdown by people in power on the those who might threaten their position.

When I wrote this a couple of days ago it seemed to me that the mostly likely manifestation of this crackdown would be the continuation of Trump’s disastrous “zero tolerance” policy at the Mexican border or possibly a confrontation between conservatives in Congress and the Dept. of Justice over documents pertaining to the Mueller investigation. Now it seems obvious that the vehicle for this crackdown is going to be the Supreme Court. The court has already showed the power of its conservative majority by rulings that hobbled unions and approved Trump’s travel ban. The resignation of Justice Kennedy (just 24 hours before the Full Moon) will give the president and Mitch McConnell the ability to stack the court in a way that will shape this country for a generation.

Other kinds of crackdowns, including the two I just mentioned, are likely to emerge during the next two weeks, but the selection of a new Supreme Court Justice will be the dominant theme. To many Americans it is going to seem less like transition and more like a threat. We can expect a strong reaction to this threat from those who fear the loss of hard won freedoms, but this chart strongly favors the conservatives. This is their party. You can cry if you want to.

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