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Melania’s Jacket

Considering her former career as a model, it was inevitable that Melania Trump would make news as First Lady because of something she wore. However, what we didn’t expect was that it would be a cheap jacket with a snide remark emblazoned on the back. For someone who has made a career out of picking the right clothes, this choice of outerwear is perplexing.

Different stories have emerged about why Mrs. Trump chose this garment for her surprise visit to one of the camps in Texas where immigrant children are being held, but we can assume that it was not a casual decision. The First Lady is a Taurus by Sun sign with the Moon most probably in Capricorn. Plus, she has Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto. She is someone whose thinking processes are slow and deliberate. Before any decision is made, she looks at all the angles. There is no room for impulse, no place for “casual.”

So, was the message on Mrs. Trump’s jacket a slam at the media, as some in the White House have suggested or did she really mean to tell the world “Do you care? I don’t”? Obviously, the statement on the back of her jacket cancelled out the compassion she showed for children detained at the border. Then why did she bother to go there at all?

There is one aspect in Melania Trump’s horoscope (click on Melania to see a chart done for noon on her date of birth) that might explain her actions. Mrs. Trump has Mars in Gemini in an exceptionally close trine to Uranus. This is the aspect of a mischief maker. We haven’t seen much of this quality in the First Lady’s behavior so far but buried beneath all the posturing that comes with her position there lurks an urge to disrupt and a need to rebel and take risks.

Interestingly, this Uranus aspect matches the situation with her husband, who has Uranus prominently placed in his horoscope and in a wide conjunction with his Sun. This may be what drew them together. In any case, it does clarify Melania’s decision to wear that particular jacket on that particular day. Like her husband, she enjoys creating a stir within the media just for the sake of creating a stir.

It should be noted that the attributes of this Mars to Uranus trine is a direct contradiction of the conservative, peace-loving quality that are typical for a Sun sign Taurus. This is probably why we have not seen more of this side of her personality. We would need a complete horoscope in order to describe how these two conflicting propensities would play against one another. However, I expect that we will be seeing more of Melania’s mischievous, Uranian self in the future.

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