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Endings and the Beginning of EndingsTrumpsVenusJupiter

Sometimes the ending of an aspect is as important as the aspect itself. By ending I mean the time when the aspecting planet moves far enough away from the aspected planet that its influence wanes and finally goes away. Typically, this transition from “on” to “off” is gradual and it is not easy to pinpoint a moment when the aspect stopped working. It is only in hindsight that the shifts in behavior and attitude become evident.

Take for example the horoscope of Kim Jong-un. Last year I wrote an article about the fact that transiting Pluto was passing over the degree of his natal Sun. (Click here to see the article.) This was during the period when Kim was testing nuclear weapons and missiles and apparent preparing for war with the United States. In the article I pointed out that because Pluto was conjunct in his Sun, Kim felt pressured and under attack. Pluto aspects bring a sense that the world is against us and the only way we can save or free ourselves is through extreme reactions.

By January of 2018 transiting Pluto had moved past Kim’s natal Sun. It was shortly after it separated by a full degree that Kim began reaching out to the South Korean government. These overtures eventually lead to talks between the two Koreas and finally to a summit meeting with Donald Trump. So far Kim has only made promises to eliminate his nuclear arsenal, but there is no doubt that there has been a major change in his attitude.

This brings me to the horoscope of Kim’s new best buddy: President Donald Trump. I’ve written several times about the conjunction of Trump’s secondary progressed Venus to his natal Jupiter which is trine his natal Uranus. I have termed the trine between Jupiter and Uranus in Trump’s chart as a “lucky” aspect. I see it as the reason why he has been able to survive several apparently business disasters and still come out as America’s quintessential “deal-maker.”

When Trump was nominated in June of 2016 his secondary progressed Venus was approaching his natal Jupiter but still two degrees away. I typically use a one degree orb (sphere of influence) for secondary progressed aspects, but like most astrologers I tend to stretch that out a bit when the aspect is approaching and shrink it a bit when it separating. There were several other positive aspects impacting Trump’s chart during that period and when he won the election, but have Venus closing in on his natal Jupiter probably contributed something to his victory.

During Trump’s historic summit with Kim Jong-un the conjunction of secondary progressed Venus to his natal Jupiter was exact. This was definitely the high point of the Trump presidency, topping even the passage of the “Relief for the One Percent” tax bill last December. Thanks to this monumental meeting Trump has been able to rise above his many critics. He’s characterized the D.O.J. report on the handling of the Clinton email investigation as a vindication, even though the main thrust of the document is that actions by James Comey inadvertently helped get Trump elected. And he has consistently (without any proof) been able to blame the separation of immigrant children from their parents (an act so egregious that even he feels it necessary to make excuses) on the Democrats.

With his secondary progressed Venus activating his "lucky" aspect, this is Trump’s moment. He was able to derail the election of a Republican candidate for the Senate with a single tweet and convince his loyal base that the Department of Justice, the F.B.I. and the Mueller investigation are all part of a grand plot by the “deep state” to keep him from making American Great Again. He seems to have taken control of the Republican Party and, by extension, this country.

The problem for President Trump is that his moment, as ever moment must, is passing. This week his secondary progressed Venus moved one minute of the degree past his natal Jupiter. By this time next year that aspect will be one full degree beyond exact. Trump is entering the period of diminishing returns for the very positive secondary progressed aspect. At some point during the next twelve months it’s influence in his life is going to fade away. The "lucky" aspect in his natat chart will still be a factor, but without the activating influence of Venus it will not provide the President with the protect that he is very lilkely going to need.


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