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Trump’s New Bromance

It is becoming increasing apparent that US foreign policy is being driven by the personality of our president, and by his personal feelings, bad or good, toward different foreign leaders. When Trump was elected we knew we were getting a reality TV show. We thought it would be “The Apprentice.” In fact, it’s turned out to be “The Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

So, after a major drama session with the leaders of the G7 (“You know what you said, Justin.) President Trump scurried to the other side of the world where he met with Kim Jong-un. Trump had previously called Kim “little rocket man” and threatened him with nuclear annihilation, but once their eyes met across that conference table all of that was forgotten. It was “bromance” at first sight and since that meeting Trump has had nothing but good things to say about his new friend.

With this in mind, I decided to do a chart comparison between Trump and Kim. Keep in mind that the year of Kim’s birth has been questioned. The official story is that he was born on Jan. 8, 1983, but one of his aunts claims that the year was actually 1984. I am using 1983. (Click on bromance to see a double chart with Trump’s on the inside and the 1983 partial horoscope for Kim on the outside.

The first thing that pops out of this chart comparison is the fact that Kim’s Mars in Aquarius forms a close trine to Trump’s natal Sun. There could not be a better indicator of a “bromance”. Each is impressed by the masculine qualities of the other. There is a sense that they could work together. Since Trump is a Full Moon baby, Kim’s Mars is also sextile Trump’s Moon, (which is opposite his Sun.) This indicates that Kim’s martial qualities (his absolute control over his country) appeals to Trump on an emotional level.

In addition to these positive aspects there is the possibility of another trine from Trump’s Mercury in Cancer to Kim’s Moon in Scorpio. Since we don’t have a time of birth for Kim we can’t be sure of the degree of the Moon, however if Kim was born between dawn and noon this connection between their charts would be close. If so, it would be indicative of two men who communicate well with each other. Kim “gets” what Trump is saying even when he is not saying it directly (or coherently.)

So far, this bromance seems to be written in the stars, but there are problems. Kim is a Capricorn by Sun sign and Donald Trump has no planets in Earth signs. Being a Capricorn, Kim was not about to leave Tuesday’s summit without something concrete. Trump, being a Gemini, was quite satisfied with the “idea” of negotiations between the US and North Korea. The result was that Kim got an end of joint military exercises between the US and South Korea and Trump got vague promises to denuclearize sometime in the future.

Another important contrast between these two charts is that President Trump has Mercury and Venus in Cancer while Kim has Mercury and Venus (along with Mars) in Aquarius. There is always an emotional element in Donald Trump’s decision making. What he feels about an issue is as, and sometimes more, important than what he thinks. Kim, on the other hand, is much more objective in his decision making. He can be cold-blooded and (with that Capricorn Sun and the Moon in Scorpio) calculating.

This spells trouble for their bromance for obvious reasons. While Trump is feeling a genuine emotional connection to Kim, Kim is weighing options and making decisions without the slightest concern about how they are going to impact his new buddy. I’m afraid I see heartbreak on the horizon for our poor president. When that happens I hope that he remembers that there are plenty more dictators in the sea.