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Following the Moon: June 13, 2018moonimage

I was getting a little worried about my assessment of the May 29 Full Moon.(Click here to see the article and the chart.) I had predicted a major disruption. Instead we had Roseanne Barr self-destructing via tweet and then Samantha Bee calling the president’s daughter a vulgar name. I had said that during this period we would see people at odds with the restrictions placed on their behavior and both incidents certainly fulfilled that prediction. However, I was looking for an event that would rise above this sort of celebrity chatter.

Meanwhile, though there were a lot of things happening, I didn’t see any of the fireworks I had expected with Mars and Uranus on the angles. We had the deal that let the Chinese phone company, ZTE, out of the doghouse, which the president loved, and congress hated. We had the DOJ siding with states trying to have Obamacare declared unconstitutional and congress taking steps to loosen the fetters that were placed on banks after the 2008 financial collapse. And we had President Trump announcing tariffs on steel and aluminum from both Canada and the European Union. All of this is important stuff, but not the kind of stuff the gets a Mars-and-Uranus response from the American people.

Of course, there were people who were upset by these tariffs, and they were all waiting for President Trump when the arrived at the G7 talks in Quebec last week. This typically stodgy and self-congratulatory meeting turned out to be the “live wire” I had predicted on May 29, and Donald Trump stepped right on it. After this contentious meeting Trump flew off to what he probably expected to be friendlier talks with Kim Jong-un.

I’ve written about this summit in a previous article and I said, considering how active Uranus is in both Kim’s and Trump’s chart right now, little of what they agreed upon is likely to have staying power. Of course, Uranus was also a major factor in the May 29 Full Moon chart. Preliminary reports from the summit seem to confirm this assessment. Just the fact that it took place was revolutionary (and therefore Uranian) but the agreement the two leaders signed contained little of substance.

That bring us to the New Moon chart for June 13. This lunation (when done for Washington D.C.) features Venus almost directly on the Midheaven. (Click here to see the horoscope.) Venus in such a prominent position represents the promise of peace. We can expect that the peaceful implications of the Singapore summit will play well with the American public. It should also improve the president’s public image. However, Venus in this chart is square to Uranus, so this euphoria might not last long.

Another thing that tends to come to the fore when Venus is prominent are women’s issues. Considering the recent restrictions placed on abortions and Trump’s history of “women troubles”, rebellious and disruptive Uranus has plenty to work with. Venus is also associated with money. This is particularly the case in a mundane chart, such as this one. We might see instability in the market caused by the tariff issue or by the reaction of foreign governments to it.

This brings us to the New Moon in this lunation. The Sun and Moon in this chart are technically in the 8th House. However, they are both very close to the cusp of the 9th (in both Koch and Placidus house systems) and I am inclined to place them in that sector. The 9th House rules foreign travel. In a mundane chart like this one, we might also associate it with foreign trade. That is interesting because Mars in this chart forms a nearly exact sesquiquadrate with the Sun and Moon. The sesquiquadrate is a minor aspect, but can still have a disruptive, contentious influence. It indicates that the ill will between the G7 members and President Trump is going to hang around for a while. After all, Mars is all about war, even trade war.

So, even though we have peaceful Venus ruling this chart (both as the ruler of the Ascendant and as the most prominently placed planet,) the two-week period defined by this chart is not going to be all that peaceful. There’s no doubt that this lunation period will start with President Trump taking a victory lap after his historic summit with North Korea, however the mood of the country is going to change drastically, perhaps even before he makes it to the last turn.

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