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A Gemini and a Capricorn Walk into a Summit . . .

Donald Trump is on the verge of what could be the crowning achievement of his administration. On Tuesday he will become the first sitting President of the United States to hold talks with the Supreme Leader of North Korea. If all goes well, this meeting could result in the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and huge step toward world peace. However, given North Korea’s history of breaking agreements, there is some reason to believe that all will not go well.

A lot hinges on the motivation North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un. Kim is known to be a ruthless dictator who kills his enemies (including his brother and his uncle) without remorse, but he has also shown signs of being a pragmatic young man who may be less driven by communist doctrine and history than his predecessors.

Astrologically, Kim is also something of a mystery. Not only do we not have a time of birth for him, there is even controversy about the year in which he was born. The official word is 1983 but there is testimony from his aunt indicating that 1984 is the correct year. I’ve looked at charts for both dates and I’ve decided to go with the 1983 data. (Click on Kim Jong-un to see a chart done for noon on Jan. 8, 1983.)

There are two transits that stand out in this chart. First, we have transiting Uranus square Kim’s natal Mercury and Venus (which are in Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus.) This tells us that Kim is actively looking for new ideas and new relationships. However, we have to remember that Kim is a Capricorn by Sun sign, and no matter how hungry for change a Capricorn may be, he or she will still seek to hold on the old, tried-and-true ways of doing things.

The other transit of interest in Kim’s chart in a sextile to his natal Sun by Neptune. This is not a major aspect and lacks the dynamic quality of the Uranus contact, but it will make it easy for Kim to pretend to be something that he is not. When you combine this duplicity with the practicality and toughness Capricorn you get the kind of poker player who typically walks away with the pot.

In Donald Trump’s chart the “lucky” connection I’ve talked about between his secondary progressed Venus and his natal Jupiter (which is trine his natal Uranus) is nearly exact. (Click here to see my article on this aspect.) Obviously, things are going Trump’s way. Uranus is also active in his chart. It is separating from and trine to his natal Mars and moving into a trine to his natal Ascendant. I don’t usually consider aspects (other than the conjunction) to the Ascendant as major factors, but since Uranus is so strong in Trump’s natal chart, I think we have to watch this connection.

So, an unpredictable and, by all appearances, under-prepared Gemini is entering a summit with a crafty and ruthless Capricorn who’s not going to show all of his cards. Given that Uranus is playing a role in the horoscopes of both these men, we can expect this meeting to produce surprising, even shocking results. However, with all of that Uranian energy, what comes out of these talks is likely to produce more disruption than stability.