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David Koch Steps DownKochDavidImage

News that arch-conservative and mega-donor David Koch is resigning his position on the board of Koch Industries and stepping back from his political activity comes at a crucial time in Republican politics. Koch is an old-style conservative. His political philosophy is built around a belief in small government, unfettered capitalism and free trade. Such principles have little relevance in the Party of Trump, which is what the Republican Party has become.

So, though Koch is apparently resigning because of health issues, it is not hard to imagine that frustration with the current political situation also played a part. In a partial horoscope for Koch (done without his time of birth) we can see that his Mercury is conjunct Jupiter. (Click on David Koch to see the chart.) This is an indicator of idealism. Koch’s ideals might not appeal to everyone, but they are based on his conception of a better world. Watching as the vehicle he had chosen to take him to that better world (the Republican Party) was hijacked by a loud-mouthed populist had to be difficult.

Looking at the secondary progressions for Koch’s chart it easy to see that he is currently not in a good place. His secondary progressed Saturn has moved into a conjunction with his natal Sun. Saturn moves slowly in secondary progressions. During the 78 years that Koch has been alive it has moved a total of 8 degrees. Even allowing a tight, one degree orb, this secondary progressed aspect is not going away anytime soon.

The Sun represents our vitality and physical well-being. Saturn restricts, inhibits and contracts. This is not a good combination. It is not unusual for a long-term secondary progression like this one to correspond with a prolonged period of ill-health.

It just so happens that at the same time that Koch is suffering through this difficult progression another planet that creeps along in secondary progression, Jupiter, is also approaching natal Sun. In most cases, we would expect that the conjunction of progressed Jupiter to the natal Sun to coincide with a period of good fortune and expansive energy. However, with Saturn already at work that typical reading does not apply.

What Jupiter’s aspect to Koch’s Sun seems to be telling us is that his withdrawal from business and politics will improve his health, at least temporarily. In this case, Jupiter represents a break, a period of rest. Jupiter cannot undo the life-sapping influence of Saturn, but it can give Koch a more optimistic prospective on the world. It could also produce a period of increased philanthropy or a rising of religious fervor. Secondary progressed Jupiter on his Sun should also renew David Koch’s idealism, even as the fate of his political party of choice remains in doubt.