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A Rough Ride for Rod Rosenstein

To me, the biggest mystery about Rod Rosenstein is how a guy who looks like him got an ultra-macho name like “Rod”.  Rod isn’t even a diminutive of Rodney. He’s just Rod. His parents were apparently expecting him to become a Hollywood leading man or maybe a professional wrestler. Instead Rod became a lawyer.

Of course, if Mr. and Mrs. Rosenstein had consulted an astrologer they would have known that their son was bound to pursue a legal career. He’s a Capricorn by Sun sign with Mercury and Venus in Capricorn sextile his natal Saturn. In both the way he thinks and in the pleasures he allows himself, Rosenstein is judicious, methodical and practical. We don’t have a time of birth for this chart, but even without a complete horoscope that much is clear. Rosenstein is a man who believes in structure and following the letter of the law. (Click on Rod Rosenstein to see a partial horoscope.)

This is why Rosenstein has become such a controversial figure of late. He is now working for a president who doesn’t believe in the letter of the law, and who sees the people who do as potential threats. For the past year Rosenstein has worked under a cloud of suspicion. He has become the lead guy for what the White House and a legion of Trump supporters call the “deep state.” Talk of his eminent dismissal surfaces with alarming regularity as our president’s Gemini mind lurches between unreasonable self-confidence (“They can’t touch me!”) and abject paranoia (“They’re all out to get me!”).

The main transit impacting Rosenstein’s horoscope right now (at least as far as we can see without a time of birth) is a trine by transiting Uranus to his natal Venus and Mercury. When Uranus makes a hard aspect (a square, opposition or conjunction) to a sensitive point in the horoscope we expect major disruption, however Uranus in a trine tends to have a gentler influence. It’s kind of like being in a dysfunctional relationship with someone who has a taste for drama. You learn to expect just about anything but a moment’s peace.

Since Uranus turns retrograde in a couple of months, this transit will remain fairly close for the rest of the year. If Rosenstein isn’t already used to waking up every morning with a new criticism of his actions, threats to his position or a crazy tweet he will be by December. Since the aspect is a trine, I don’t expect much will come out of all this noise. Soft aspect from Uranus take us up the brink of major change, but they leave it to us to decide whether or not to step off the cliff. (Hard aspects, on the other hand, frequently give us a push.)

Another transiting planet that is influencing Rosenstein’s chart this year is Neptune, which is currently opposite his natal Pluto and later in the years will oppose his natal Uranus. Unfortunately, in order to say anything worthwhile about these transits I would need a complete horoscope that would tell me what sectors of Rosenstein’s life these planets “rule”. For now all we know it that this transit are going to add pressure to an already unstable situation. Rod Rosenstein’s rough ride is by no means over.