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Roseanne Barr and the Perils of Too Much JupiterBarrRImage

Though it is true that astrologers typically consider Jupiter and beneficent planet, too much Jupiter can actually be a bad thing. Jupiter expands and increases. In many instances that is a good thing: more joy, more love, more money. However, if our motives or our methods are flawed then that expansion only makes those flaws more apparent.

Yesterday, when Roseanne Barr sent the offensive treats that led to her television show being canceled, transiting Jupiter was opposed to her natal Jupiter. Roseanne’s natal Jupiter is in the 3rd House of incidental communication, the perfect representative of Tweets. Meanwhile, transiting Jupiter was in the 9th House which rules ideology. Barr tweeted a message that was indicative of an ideology that was rooted in racism and prejudice. On top of that, it was just plain mean. (Click on Roseanne Barr to see a double chart with her horoscope in the center and transits on the outside.)

With Jupiter opposed to her natal Jupiter Barr probably felt empowered. Jupiter transits often have the effect. It is easy to do the thing we really want to do, sometimes much too easy. On top of her Jupiter transit, transiting Mars was trine her natal Moon and sextile her natal Mercury. Mercury and the Moon are opposed in her natal chart, which is the key to her talent as a comic. These positive contact with transiting Mars activated that comic quality, but they also made it easier for her to take that comedy too far.

Roseanne’s troubles also provide us with a lesson in the intersection of transiting aspects and secondary progressions. While transiting Mars was in a “good” aspect to Mercury and the Moon, Barr’s secondary progressed Mars was square (a stressful aspect) to both planets. Secondary progressions show us the trend that guide the influence of the events sparked by transits. In this case, what felt good on the transit level, turned out to be real bad on the progressed level.

Also, in Barr’s secondary progressed chart, the Moon is moving through her natal 8th House. The placement of the secondary Moon is another astrological “trend-setter.” The 8th House is where we hide those things about ourselves that we deem inappropriate for public view. Those include secret emotional hang-ups, unprocessed guilt and trauma and hidden prejudices and sentiments. The placement of her progressed Moon put Barr in the "mood" to reveal things about her inner world that many (if not most) found offensive.

In the end, however, it all comes back to the Jupiter transit. Our intentions under a Jupiter transit are almost always benign. We're looking for more joy, more fun, more laughter. The key is knowing when "more" becomes "too much" or "too far." Jupiter likes to do things in a big way, but if we're not careful in the way we handles it's transits this jolly 'ol planet can also lead to big regrets.

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