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Following the Moon May 29, 2018

I was wrong about one thing in my assessment of the last New Moon chart. I thought the “live wire” aspect would manifest in financial affairs, but instead we got unsubstantiated claims that Obama put a spy inside Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. This is similar to Trump’s claim last year that Obama had tapped his phones. It’s difficult to know how much of these allegations are an attempt to undermine the Mueller investigation and how much are just Donald Trump being paranoid, but it doesn’t seem that they will go far.

We might also link the “live wire” aspect (Mars square Uranus) to the school shooting in Texas. I was remiss in not making this connection. This tragedy was followed by another incident in Indiana. It seems that bringing gun to school is becoming an obligatory part of the age-old “school’s out for summer” celebration.

Otherwise, my prediction that it what’s happening behind closed doors that will be driving the discussion in Washington seems to have held true. Not only do we have the Mueller investigation and various court case still perculating, we also had the secret meeting between the DOJ and selected members of congress on the “spygate” farce. Meanwhile, the negotiations with North Korea have become an unknown, with some saying the summit is a “go” and others expressing doubts. Of course, the motives of Kim Jong Un are the most mysterious thing of all.

The Full Moon chart for May 29 promises a much more active period. The Sun and the Moon or on the axis of the 5th and 11th Houses. The 5th House is associated with children, romance and creativity while the 11th House is about friends and group activities (including politics). This could mean that we will see more political activity from or concerning young people, possibly related to gun control or the DACA issue.

That “live wire” aspect is still within orb and it is occupies two highly significant points in this horoscope. Uranus is near the Midheaven and Mars close to the Descendant. With these planets on the angles we can expect dramatic events and violent reactions. Unpredictability is the nature of Uranus, so whatever it is that we might expect to happen, it is most likely going to be something else. The key ingredient will be a fight to burst through restrictions. Somewhere (probably in the US, since the chart is done for Washington D.C.) someone is going to react dramatically (and perhaps violently) to the perception that his or her will and/or desires and being blocked by someone else.

The Sun in this Full Chart is directly aligned with Pluto in the horoscope of Bob Mueller. This could mean that President Trump finally decides to take direct action against the special prosecutor’s investigation. The fact that Saturn is quincunx the Sun and semi-sextile the Moon in the Full Moon chart indicates that actions by authority figures or by people charged with enforcing the “rules” will be a factor.

Overall, I think that this chart indicates that a lot of the stuff that has been happening behind closed doors for the past several months will suddenly be revealed. What that means will depend on who’s got secrets and what those secrets are.


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