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What’s Up with Bob?

The last time I wrote about the horoscope of special prosecutor Robert Mueller was last January. Since then Mueller has run a tight ship. No one knows for sure what Mueller is doing or in what direction his investigation is heading. What we know astrologically (and what I pointed out in January) is that Robert Mueller is currently under a highly significant Saturn Cycle aspect, the kind of aspect the makes a person’s reputation or breaks it.

The specific aspect I’m talking about is the opposition of transiting Saturn its natal place. (Click on Robert Mueller to see a horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.) The first hit of this aspect occurred in February, shortly after the payment to Stormy Daniels by Michael Cohen became news. We don’t know when Mueller started looking into this tawdry affair, but it was information that he turned over to prosecutors in New York that led to the raid on Cohen’s office and apartment.

The next exact contact between transiting Saturn in Mueller’s natal Saturn will occur in June. Again, we only have speculation about what is going on behind closed doors, but it does seem that there are negotiations taking place between Trump’s team of lawyer and the special prosecutor concerning a proposed interview with the president. The likelihood of such an interview seems to be dwindling, which means that Mueller may decide to subpoena Trump. This would probably lead to a court battle over the jurisdiction of the special prosecutor and the power of the president.

During the first couple of weeks of June, when Saturn will be approaching that opposition, transiting Jupiter will be square Mueller’s natal Sun. This will put him in the mood to do something dramatic. What that might be, of course, depends on the status of the investigation. But with Saturn opposed to it’s natal place, his actions will put his reputation on the line. At that same time transiting Saturn will be separating from it opposition to Donald Trump’s Mercury. The orb of the aspect will be wider than I usually allow by then, but considering the circumstances, it could still be effective.

Of course, with this partial horoscope we cannot see everything, but there are two important transits coming up later this year that we can see. First of all, transiting Uranus will be trine Mueller’s natal Jupiter for all of July and August and most of September. This is considered a “lucky” aspect. Things tend to go our way under this transit and plans tend to come together. This could be a fruitful time for Mueller’s investigation. It would also be a good point to bring it to an end.

The next big aspect for Mueller comes in November, when transiting Saturn makes its last pass opposite his natal Saturn. If Mueller investigation is still going on at this point, it is my feeling that this will bring it to a close. Interestingly, a couple of weeks after it opposes Mueller’s natal Saturn, transiting Saturn will make its last opposition to Trump’s natal Mercury. As I’ve said before, this is an aspect for bad news.