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Following the Moon May 15, 2018

The last Full Moon (on April 28) brought us a period of relative quiet. Except for Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Iran deal, which pretty much everyone saw coming, and a slow-moving natural disaster in Hawaii, the past two weeks have been relatively free of national scandals and embarrassments. There have been several days in which the list of top news stories on the major outlets did not include a Trump tweet or a pending indictment.

In the April 29 Full Moon chart (click here to see my article and the chart) Jupiter was close to the Ascendant when the chart was done for Washington D.C., so the feeling of euphoria that settled over the nation last month after Kim Jong Un announced that he was essentially giving up threatening the world with nukes continued. I had predicted the conjunction of Mars to Pluto signaled that Trump would scuttle the Iran deal. I now think that the aspect is also connected to the violent protests that have erupted in Israel because of the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Today’s New Moon seems to also promise a period of relative quiet. Once again, the conjunction of the Sun and Moon takes place in the 12th House of secrets, so most of the important stuff will he happening away from the public view. The Mueller investigation has entered its second year and doesn’t seem likely to end soon, and there are also the ongoing court cases involving Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels. This placement indicates that movement in these matters will not be revealed until later.

Neptune is in the 10th House in this chart, which I see as further indication that information will be obscured and indefinite. Since Neptune trines Jupiter, most of us are going to be quite happy with this nebulous view of the world. The fact that Venus in on the Ascendant of this chart should reinforce this positive feeling. Also, since Pluto is trine the Sun and Moon and sextile Neptune and Jupiter, this period of obscured facts and indefinite pronouncements is going to give support to the powers that be.

There is one live wire in this chart. That is the nearly exact square of Mars to Uranus. This indicates a surprising, maybe shocking event, that interrupt our complacency but not put an end to it. Since Mars in in the 8th House, which rules other people’s money, this even will likely involve finance, and with tricky Uranus afflicting, criminal activity is a distinct possibility.

The eruption of Mount Kilauea in Hawaii is certainly a natural concern. However, to see the astrology of this event you have to look at the chart for Hawaii statehood (Aug. 21, 1959 at 12:01 AM, Honolulu). In that chart Mars in the 4th House (heat in the ground) is trined by Pluto. I think the trine aspect refers to the fact that, despite the displacement of thousands of people and lots of property damage, the impact of this disaster has thus far not been horrific. Pluto describes pressure, particular slow, methodical pressure. Obviously, this is what we are seeing at Mount Kileuea.

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