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The Royal Wedding Approaches

With the wedding day of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle only a week away, I decided that it was time to look at their horoscopes. Weddings, like most milestone events in our lives, are generally marked by an important transit of Saturn. So, let’s see what Saturn is doing in the charts of these two lovebirds.

In the horoscope of Meghan Markle it is easy to see the impact that Saturn in making. (Click on Meghan Markle to see the chart.) Saturn in her chart is at 5 degrees of Libra. Transiting Saturn is currently at 9 degrees of Capricorn. It squared her natal Saturn in Feb. and will square it again in July and Nov. Saturn squaring its natal place is one of the turning point in one of the two Saturn Cycles. Though the wedding is not going exactly coincide with the square it is obvious that she is in the midst of an important period of transition.

Markle is a Sun sign Leo, so we might expect her to easily adapt to her new role as a royal. Her Sun is in the First House, so she is someone who knows what she wants. Her Moon is in Libra conjunct both Jupiter and Saturn. She has judicious temperament and good social instincts. In my book “Father Sun, Mother Moon,” I write of this about the combination of a Leo Sun and a Libra Moon: “It is hard for people to dislike you because it is so obvious that you like people. You make friends wherever you go because you expect the best out of people. They respond to your confidence and positive energy and, typically, feel compelled to meet your expectations.”

Saturn is also active in the horoscope of Prince Harry, though it is Jupiter that will be taking center stage at his wedding. On the 19th Jupiter, which is moving retrograde in Scorpio, will be exactly on the prince’s natal Midheaven. There could be no better time to throw a big, fancy party with millions of people looking on. Harry is a Sun sign Virgo and we don’t generally expect Virgos to “shine”. However, with Jupiter topping his chart that’s exactly what this prince is going to do.

Right now, Saturn is only a couple of degrees away from Prince Harry’s natal Ascendant, but it is moving retrograde and will not actually cross his Rising degree until Jan. 2019. Still, it could be said that he too is in the midst of a Saturn Cycle aspect. He’s just not going to feel the full effects of it for a few months.

What might be more significant, regarding the transits of Saturn, is the fact that back in late 2016, when Harry and Meghan Markle started dating, Saturn was conjunct the prince’s natal Saturn. This is the classic Saturn Cycle aspect for leaving behind the foolishness of youth and accepting the responsibilities of adulthood. It seems that Harry met Meghan at exactly the right time.

Perhaps at a later date I will look at the compatibility of this couple, but for now I can say that their wedding has the blessing of the stars, or at least the stars in their respective horoscopes. Saturn is directing them both toward a major transition in their lives. This does not in itself promise a happy marriage, but it does describe a necessary change.

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