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Eric Schneiderman Steps Downschneidermanimage

I was going to write about Donald Trump pulling the US out of the Iran deal but then I realized that all I had to say about that was, “You should not make important, irrevocable decisions that could lead to nuclear war in the Middle East when Saturn is opposed to your Mercury!” So, I decided to write about the downfall of New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman instead.

Schneiderman has been accused by multiple women of physical abuse. He claims that that the encounters he had with these women were consensual and that any “abuse” that might have occurred was part of sexual role playing to which the women in question agreed. The story told by the women through Ronan Farrow, the same reporter who broke the Harvey Weinstein scandal, is different.

Like most liberals facing these kinds of allegations, Schneiderman has folded up his tents and retreated to that nether region where all accused sexual predators (only the famous ones, of course) go to contemplate their alleged sins. Still, I thought it might be interesting to check out his horoscope. (Click on Eric Schneiderman to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.)

Schneiderman was born with Mars in Pisces and Venus in Scorpio. In our Mars/Venus Manual we call this the “Awesome Love Addict” and say, “Your sexuality is so powerful that it complicates everything that you do and influences all of your decisions . . .” Regardless of whether you believe the women or Schneiderman, his decisions regarding his sex life have had an overwhelming impact on every other area of his life.

What going on in Schneidman’s chart right now is also interesting. Transiting Saturn is conjunct his natal Sun. This is an aspect that always brings challenges both to our vitality and our ego. The fact that Schneiderman has been forced to resign from a powerful and high profile political position is obviously a blow to his ego. It may also represent the end of his career in politics.

Also, in the partial horoscope that we have for Schneiderman, we have transiting Jupiter conjunct his natal Saturn. In itself this might not be a particularly important aspect, but today the Sun moved opposite his natal Saturn and transiting Jupiter. This is at worst a one-day aspect, but when combined with Jupiter on his Saturn, it became what probably is the worst day in Schneiderman’s life.

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