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Giuliani for the Defense

I suppose no one was surprised when Donald Trump called on his friend and supporter Rudy Giuliani to join his legal team. Giuliani was one of the first mainstream Republicans to back Trump and he campaigned hard to get him elected president. More important, Giuliani got his start in politics by developing a reputation as a tough prosecutor of high-profile defendants. Now he going to be sitting on the other side of the legal seesaw and attempt to thwart the prosecution of the highest profile defendant of them all.

One glance at Giuliani’s horoscope (click on Rudy Giuliani to see the chart) tells that he is a no-nonsense kind of a guy. Like his new boss, Giuliani has the Sun in Gemini conjunct Uranus. He is a problem solver and he isn’t afraid of disturbing the status quo if that’s what finding a solution requires. Also, Saturn sits almost directly on his Midheaven. He is seen as a serious person, as a figure of authority and righteousness.

Both of these qualities were evident immediately after Giuliani assumed this new role. He started out by contradicting the President and admitting that Trump had reimbursed Michael Cohen for the payment made to Stormy Daniels. A lawyer doesn’t often start his defense by declaring that his client lied, but Giuliani apparently decided that it was better to straighten out the story now, instead of later when a grand jury might be listening.

Giuliani also has Mars conjunct Pluto in his chart. This is an aspect for toughness, and no one has ever accused Giuliani of not being tough. Back when he was a prosecutor, the Mafia supposedly had a “contract” out on him, and he won kudos for his resilience as mayor of New York City after the 9/11 attack.

Of course, toughness is not always a positive trait, particularly when it is combined with big Gemini ego. As a prosecutor, Giuliani was criticized for the way in which he put defendants, particularly famous defendants, on public display before they were convicted of any crime. And as mayor he was accused of creating a culture within the New York City police department that encouraged brutality and racial discrimination.

Of course, President Trump is hoping that Giuliani will be able to put some of this toughness to work on the several court cases he is now facing. Giuliani already seems to have adopted a more adversarial stance against the Mueller investigation. However, it is unclear how much this tough-guy approach will help the President. It could make things worse.

That brings me to another outstanding feature in Giuliani’s horoscope. He has Neptune on his Libra Ascendant. This is indicative of a personality that wavers and lacks boundaries. Politically, Giuliani has been all over the map. He started out as a Democrat, became and Independent and then changed to the Republican Party after Reagan was elected. As mayor of New York he was tough on crime but amazingly liberal on gay rights and immigration. Then, in 2016, Giuliani jumped on the Trump anti-immigration train with enthusiasm. This lack of political boundaries, along with health and marital issues, has blocked Giuliani from advancing to higher office on several occasions.

It is interesting that there are no important transits influencing Giuliani’s chart right now, at least not with regard to his career. (His secondary progressed Venus is square its natal place, but I think this has more to do with the fact that his third wife filed for divorce last month.) This indicates that, despite his reputation for toughness and his fame as “American’s mayor," Giuliani’s presence on Trump’s defense team is not going to make a huge impact one way or another.


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