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The Wolf at the White House Door

Even though the event was four days ago, we’re still seeing fallout from Michelle Wolf’s performance at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. A lot of people say she went too far with her jokes about Trump and his minions. Other’s defend her, maintaining that it is a comedian’s job to push the limits. Personally, I wonder if the gap between the pro-Trump people and the anti-Trump people hasn’t grown so wide that even comedy can’t bridge it.

Looking at a horoscope for Wolf (click on Michelle Wolf to see a chart done for noon on her date of birth) it isn’t hard to find the reason she’s having a hard time right now. Saturn is moving retrograde opposite her natal Mars. This is always a difficult transit. It sometime brings illness or injury, but it can also coincide with actions that draw criticism, particularly from figures of authority. If we had a time of birth for Wolf I might be able to say more, but this certainly describes the current situation.

Even this partial horoscope for Wolf has some striking features. She was born on a day with the Sun changed signs, so she could be a Sun sign Gemini or a Sun sign Cancer. My vote would be for Cancer, even though Gemini is a more natural sign for comedians. Geminis are typically excellent mimics and have a gift for clever repartee, while the comedy of a Cancer is more focused on the personality of the comedian.

What makes Wolf’s chart unique is that she has two interlocking “yods”. A yod is a configuration in which one planet is quincunx to two other planets that are in a sextile aspect. One of the yods in Wolf’s chart involves Uranus, which is quincunx Mercury and Venus and the other starts with Mercury which is quincunx Uranus and Jupiter.

The yod is supposed to be a mystical aspect. I’ve always wondered about this because I’ve seen them in the charts of some extremely “unmystical” people. Wolf doesn’t impress me as being particularly mystical, though I know little about her. But I will say that when you put Mercury, the planet of communication, in a combo with Uranus, the disrupter and expansive, jolly Jupiter, the result almost has to be funny.

Saturn is moving rather slowly right now, so it’s opposition to Wolf’s is going to be in effect for another month of so. With this in mind, I think that the criticism of her performance will continue and that it is going to cause problems both for her career and her state of mind. However, like every transit, it will pass, and afterward she will be left with a benefit coveted by every performer: a name that no one is likely to forget.

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