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Following the Moon: Apr. 29, 2018

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that we didn’t see more “action” from the March 31 New Moon, but when I read through what I wrote two weeks ago I realized that much of it was on the nose. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) Since the New Moon involved the 6th House of employees I had said that we might see the departure of another Trumpite. As it turned out Trump’s nominee for head of the VA, Ronny Jackson, was pushed out of the picture even before his confirmation hearing.

I had also remarked on how the placement of Jupiter on the Ascendant of that chart indicated a period of euphoria for the country. Kim Jong Un’s continued promises of cooperation and denuclearization have both President Trump and the nation feel pretty happy at the moment, even though it now appears that the North Korean dictator’s change of mood may have more to do with the collapse of his test facility than Trump’s bluster.

Finally, I said that it would be a good two weeks for women. I think the conviction of Bill Cosby fulfills that promise. Even if Cosby never spends a day in jail (the verdict has been appealed) it was vindication for his accusers and big step forward for the “Me Too” movement.

Now we have a Full Moon which once again involves the 6th and 12th Houses. (Click here to see the chart.) With the Moon in the 12th House of secrets, I think that this is going to another period when the big events will be happening behind closed doors. This should appear to be a quiet period. The fact that Saturn makes positive aspects to the Sun and Moon indicates that we will have a new sense of stability and that traditions will be respected. Jupiter remains close to the Ascendant, so the feeling of good-will and optimism are likely to continue.

Of course, Jupiter can also indicate over-confidence, and this brings me to the part of this horoscope that I don’t like. Mars and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn. This aspect signals belligerence and the misuse of power. On May 12 President Trump is scheduled to make known his decision on the Iran denuclearization deal. Everyone expects him to pull the US out of the deal, which will effectively kill the treaty. This aspect supports those expectations. Since Mars and Pluto are sextile Jupiter the indication is that the decision will be made because of over-confidence.

A lot of intelligent people, including some who are close to the President, think that pulling out of this deal would lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and possibly war. However, in this chart Mercury is square Saturn, so no one is going to be paying much attention to intelligence. It is interesting that in Trump’s natal chart Saturn is currently opposed to his Mercury. I wrote once that this is an aspect of “bad decisions”. Last week we saw evidence of this when the President decided to call “Fox and Friends” and rant for a half hour (much to the dismay of both the Friends and the Fox). It appears that during the period covered by this lunation we are going to see a more momentous demonstration of this trend.