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David Copperfield and the Two Faces of NeptuneCopperfieldImage

Neptune, like everything else we use in astrology, can sometimes be your friend and sometimes your enemy. For magician David Copperfield this planet has been a whole lot of both. In his natal chart (click on David Copperfield to see the horoscope) Copperfield has Neptune, the classic ruler of “now you see it, now you don’t” in the Second House which is associated with money and resources. Basically, the Second is the House of “getting paid”, and thanks to Neptune’s influence Copperfield has been well-paid to mystify people with his magic tricks.

More recently, however, Neptune has revealed its “unfriendly” face to Copperfield. Transiting Neptune, Neptune in the sky right now, is conjunct Copperfield’s natal Mars and opposed to his natal Jupiter. The dynamic between Mars and Jupiter in Copperfield’s horoscope has a lot to do with how he does magic. He has Mars in the Sixth House of routine operations. As a magician, Copperfield’s “routine” is creating illusions. Having Mars in the Sixth tells us that he is able to apply maximum energy to maintaining these routines, and the fact that Mars is in Pisces allows him to do this with a touch of glamor and mystery.

The opposition aspect typically describes an impasse, a butting of heads. However, the fact that Jupiter has an affinity for Pisces (Mars’ sign) and is itself placed in Virgo, the natural ruler of the Sixth House, indicates that this opposition has more to do with cooperation than conflict. Instead of inhibiting Mars, Jupiter has challenged Copperfield to continually expand the mechanics of his profession, creating greater and showier feats of illusion.

The problem with this is that Copperfield’s Jupiter is in Twelfth House, the House of secrets. The larger-than-life grandness of the magician’s tricks depend on keeping the mechanism behind them secret. This is where the aspects from transiting Neptune enter the picture. Generally, Neptune loves an illusion, but what Neptune is really about is dissolving boundaries, and when boundaries dissolves secrets often get out.

Recently Copperfield was sued by a man who claims he was injured while participating in the magician “Lucky Thirteen” performance. In this trick Copperfield makes thirteen randomly selected audience members “disappear” and then reappear somewhere else. A few days ago the judge in this law suit forced Copperfield to reveal the mechanism behind this trick. The secret turned out to be nothing more exotic than hustling the people through a secret passage to a different location. The litigant fell down while walking through this passage.

Lawyers for Copperfield complained that revealing the “secret” behind this trick would cost the magician millions, and it just might. Transiting Uranus is also active in Copperfield’s chart. It is opposed to Neptune in his Second House, the House of getting paid. Now that the mechanism behind “Lucky Thirteen” is in the public record, it is unlikely that anyone will want to pay money to see it performed.

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