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Astrology at Work: Paul Manafort

Usually, when I do these “Astrology at Work” articles I’m using a complete horoscope of an established celebrity who is, in most cases, long dead. This time, thanks to a piece in the March edition of “The Atlantic” by Franklin Foer, I am writing about a person for whom we don’t have a complete horoscope but who is very much alive and in the news: Paul Manafort. (Click on Paul Manafort to see a horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.)

In Feb. 2014 Paul Manafort was in at the center of a political storm in the Ukraine. He was working for the President of the Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, whom he had groomed and promoted with such skill that the man had gone from being regarded as political poison to the presidency. This was something that Manafort had been doing well for years. He had started as a lobbyist in Washington D.C. representing corporate interests. Then he had branched out to foreign dictators and military strongmen. Yanukovych was only the latest of a series of disreputable leaders whose image had been softened and shaped for American tastes by the loving hands of Paul Manafort.

However, Yanukovych was more than a project for Manafort. He also represented money, “real” money. This was not just the millions that Manafort had made back in Washington as a lobbyist, but the billions that were controlled by the Russian oligarchs who backed Yanukovych and Vladimir Putin. Manafort had used his connection to the Ukrainian President and his network of corruption to siphon large amounts of Ukrainian national wealth into his private banks accounts around the world.

But in Feb. 2014 all of that was in jeopardy. The Ukrainian people had revolted against Yanukovych and, despite brutal repression by the government, they were winning. Like the fighting Aries he was, Manafort stuck by his man until the end, but when Yanukovych finally fled the Ukraine and sought refuge in Moscow, he had to face the stark reality, a reality that no Aries faces without a touch of nausea, that he had failed.

What was going on in Manafort horoscope at that time was transiting Uranus moving into a conjunction with his natal Sun. When Uranus connects with a significant point in our horoscope it brings chaos, disruption and change. Forget about you plans. Whatever you expected to happen will likely not happen, and if it does it will happen with an intensity that blow away your expectations. Sometime these Uranus transits (particularly the conjunctions) can bring us good luck, but if you are overextended, if you made a bad wager or taken an ill-considered risk, Uranus can rip apart your world.

This is what happen to Paul Manafort. By the Spring of 2015 he was in a clinic in the U.S. being treated for depression and thinking about suicide. By this time Uranus had move on and Saturn had taken over. It was square its natal place, an important step in the Saturn Cycle and a time when we are forced to make important choices about the course our life will take.

Manafort made his choice. He returned to Washington D.C. and tried to get back into lobbying game. When he found that his long absence from the U.S. politics made this difficult, Manafort looked around and saw the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Manafort had cut his teeth working on political campaigns and he saw this as his chance to get back into the big time, so he called in some favors from one the few friends he had left from the old days and got a meeting with Trump.

The rest, of course, is history or, if you prefer, exhibit A for the prosecution. Manafort’s choice was a classic “bad” choice under a Saturn transit. Instead of finding a new road to the future, he chose to return to the old one. If Manafort had gone in another, less public direction, his past crimes and continuing habit of skirting the law might have never come to light. As the campaign manager of the Republican nominee he made them impossible to ignore. The decisions we make under a Saturn transit, one way or another, always turn out to be life-changing. That’s why making the right one is so important.

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