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Michael Cohen and his "Loaded" JupiterCohenMImage

I write about secondary progressions quite often on these pages. This is where we advance the planets in the horoscope one degree for every year of life. For a long time I refused to use secondary progressions because the theory behind them seemed too “mystical.”  However, after researching their influence I finally concluded that they work too well to be ignored.

Once you accept the theory behind secondary progressions, you can start picking out the “loaded” planets in a natal chart. These are planets that are approaching a major aspect but not yet close enough for it to register in a typical reading of the birth chart. As these planets move in secondary progression, those aspects will complete and have a major impact on the life of that person.

This is particularly true with Jupiter. Jupiter moves slowly in secondary progression, but over a period of years it can cover a significant distance. And when Jupiter finally gets within a degree of an aspect, particularly a conjunction, the aspect will remain in effect for a substantial period. Since Jupiter is associated with expansion, benevolence and good fortune, that can translate into a span of years when golden opportunities seem to drop in your lap.

The horoscope of Michael Cohen illustrates this point quite well. (Click on Michael Cohen to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) Around 2006 Cohen began his association with Donald Trump. Before this Cohen had been a personal injury lawyer and moderately successful businessman. After 2006 Cohen became involved in some real estate deals that netted him millions. Though it is not certain, it seems likely that the Trump organization was also involved in these deals.

In Cohen’s natal chart Jupiter is about six degrees behind Mars in the zodiac. By 2006, in secondary progression, Jupiter had moved to within a degree of a conjunction to Cohen’s natal Mars. By the time secondary progressed Jupiter moved pass this degree, he was part of Donald Trump’s inner circle. Jupiter brings us benefits and it also expands. Since the conjunction was to Cohen’s natal Mars, what was expanded was his aggressiveness. Cohen became known as Trump’s “bulldog”, his “fixer.”

Unfortunately for Cohen, Jupiter was not the only “loaded” planet in his natal chart. While his natal Mars was being blessed by secondary progressed Jupiter, his secondary progressed Mars was moving forward at a rate of a little more than half a degree every year. At this rate it took Mars quite a while to cross the 32 degrees that separate its natal placement from that of his natal Sun, but this year it made it.

With his Jupiter conjunction long gone, this conjunction by his secondary progressed Mars to Cohen’s natal Sun has had a devastating impact. It is an aspect that describes and attack on the ego, the vitality and the reputation of a person. There are probably also transiting aspects involved, but we can’t see those with just a partial chart.

The good news for Cohen is that secondary progressed Mars aspect don’t last nearly as long as secondary progressed Jupiter aspects. They’re usually over in a couple of years. The bad new is that, considering the allegations that Cohen is now facing, a couple of years may be way too long..

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