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Following the Moon: Apr. 15, 2018

I had described the Full Moon of Mar. 31 as a pressure cooker and I think that image has held true. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) I had expected the pressure to be felt by public servants as President Trump continued his attempt to “cleanse” his administration of people not personally loyal to him. However, it turned out to be Trump himself who was feeling the pressure, particularly after the man who has often been described as his “fixer”, attorney Michael Cohen, was raided by the F.B.I.

One public servant who has been feeling the pressure was Scott Pruitt, Trump’s E.P.A. boss. He has faced some tough questions about his expenses and taking gifts (in the form of cheap rent) from representatives of the industries he is supposed to be regulating. So far, Pruitt has managed to hold on to his job, though this is largely because he remains a favorite of the President.

Of course, none of this compares with the pressure the world was feeling after the nerve gas attack in Syria and the resulting threats and counter threats exchanged between President Trump and the Russian military. For a while it looked like the Cuban missile crisis all over. Fortunately, there was a release of that pressure Friday, as the U.S. France and Britain sent in missiles to carefully selected targets. The targets were apparently facilities that made and stored nerve gas, but they were also locations far away from Russian military installations. The only response (so far) has been a promise by Putin to bring the matter before the U.N.

I also said that, since the Full Moon involved the 12th and 6th Houses, there would be much about what was happening that would be secret. That’s certainly the case with the raid on Cohen’s office and home, and it continues to characterize the Mueller investigation. Another pressure point of the past two weeks has been whether Trump would fire Mueller or his boss Rod Rosenstein. There was a lot of talk and a lot of expectation but, so far, no action.

The New Moon of April 15 is a completely different animal. It seems to foretell less pressure and more action. (Click here to see the chart.)The Sun and Moon are conjunct on the cusp of the 6th House. They are both also conjunct Uranus. Uranus describes bold, sudden action, typically something that disrupts and surprises.Since we’re talking about the 6th House of servants, this could mean yet another swift departure for one of Trump’s people. Of course, both Mueller and Rosenstein are technically public “servants.” This could be the period when President Trump decides that he can no longer stand the pressure of the Russia investigation.

Another remarkable feature of this chart in the placement of jolly Jupiter on the Ascendant where it opposed to Venus near the Descendant. This aspect describes an overflowing of love and good will, not the kind of thing we’ve come to expect in American politics. Since Jupiter is on the Ascendant, representing self-image, it would seem to foretell an event that would make the whole country feel good. Quite frankly, I’m struggling to understand what that might be, but I’ll welcome it with open arms if it comes.

Since Venus is also involved, one thing I can say is that this should be good two weeks for women. We could see the rise of a female, or of women in general on the national political front. We could also see evidence of “she-power” in other areas. This aspect would also seem to accent the arts. Of course, all of these high hopes could prove unfounded and instead the teaming of sexy Venus and expansive Jupiter just result in an expansion of the ever-growing scandal involving President’s Trump’s sex life.