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No Reelection for Paul Ryanryanimage

Back in March 2017 I wrote that this was going to be a rough year for Paul Ryan. (Click on Paul Ryan’s Identity Crisis to see that article.) My reason for making this prediction was he fact that his secondary progressed Sun was moving into an opposition with his natal Pluto. This is an aspect for pervasive frustration and anxiety. That frustration has finally forced Ryan to announce that he will not be seeking another term in office.(Click on Paul Ryan to see a copy of  his chart.)

Ryan reminded people in his announcement that he had never asked to become Speaker of the House, that he had more or less been pushed into that role after the resignation of John Boehner. He complained that the responsibilities of that job have made it impossible for him to have the kind of family life he thinks his wife and kids deserve. This is an understandable reason for stepping down, and it would follow the symbolism of the Sun opposed to Pluto, an aspect typically leaves us feeling blocked from doing the things we really want and need to be doing.

However, there have been other reasons offered for Ryan’s sudden departure. Some point to his relationship with President Trump. Though Ryan has frequently defended the President’s actions, his defense has often seemed half-hearted. Since Ryan did not support Trump during the primaries and criticized him after the “Access Hollywood” revelations, he’s never been Trump’s favorite congressman. Also, Ryan, a doctrinaire conservative and student of conservative economic theory, has probably been rankled more that once by the populous, make-it-up-as-you-go politics of his president.

Ryan was quick to point out that under his leadership Congress passed a historic tax bill. This kind of huge tax cut to the wealthy has been on Ryan’s wish list for a long time, but in his Aquarian ideal that tax cut was supposed to be accompanied by significant cuts in entitlements. Instead, Congress cut taxes and raised spending. Ryan knows enough about economics to see how that’s going to end, and he’s decided that when that wad of excrement hits the fan he’d rather be attending a PTA meeting in Wisconsin.

However, Ryan’s get-away might not be a clean as he hopes. By January 2019, when his term will be over, the aspect between his secondary progressed Sun and his natal Pluto will be waning, but another difficult secondary progressed aspect will be taking its place. His secondary progressed Mars will be square his natal Sun. This makes me think that, despite his resignation, Ryan is going to somehow be drawn back into the political fray during 2019, only this time instead of frustration he will be facing anger, conflict and maybe even pain.

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