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Why it "Zucks" Right Now to be Mark Zuckerberg

The problems just keep coming for Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. They began after the 2016 election when it was discovered that Russian computer “bots” had used Facebook to pour divisive political sludge into the American social media mainstream. The it got worse as we learned that a data mining company called Cambridge Analytica was using personal information obtained through Facebook to make sure that these hate messages got to just the right people.

Today, Facebook is supposed to notify the millions of users whose personal information was compromised, and tomorrow Zuckerberg is scheduled to testify before two congressional committees. Meanwhile, many Facebook users are abandoning Zuckerberg’s billion-dollar ship, either in protest over the way the company has handled these scandals or because they fear that will be more to follow.

This got me interested in what might be going on in Zuckerberg’s horoscope right now. We don’t have a time of birth for Zuckerberg, so I did a chart for noon on his birthday. (Click on Mark Zuckerberg to see the horoscope.) I didn’t see much in his current transits, (not surprising since I only have a partial horoscope) but when I looked at his secondary progressed chart the source of his troubles became very clear.

Secondary Progressions are a way of “growing” the natal horoscope, to see how trends put into motion by that chart play out at a rate of one day for every year lived. Though they are frequently tied to events in our lives, the influence of secondary progressions is generally more subtle and personal than transiting aspect. Also, while most transits (except for those involving Pluto) come and go in a year or so, most secondary progressed aspects (with the exception of those from the progressed Moon) have a longer duration.

When Zuckerberg was born, Mars in his horoscope was retrograde. It has continued that backwards motion in his secondary progressed chart. When he was about five years of age this retrograde, secondary progressed Mars aligned with his natal Moon. My guess is that this was a difficult time for him and it lasted until he was around nine. After this Mars continued its retrograde motion and around the time that Zuckerberg turned 21 it came within a degree of a conjunction to his natal Saturn.

Mars conjunct Saturn would generally be considered among the “badest” of the “bad” aspects. This might sound odd when we consider that it was around this same time that Zuckerberg and some of his buddies started the online communication network that became Facebook. However, you must remember that Zuckerberg spent years fighting off law suits from various people (including some of his former friends) claiming a piece of his growing empire.

Another interesting thing about this aspect is that by the time Zuckerberg’s secondary progressed Mars hit his natal Saturn, it’s daily (and therefore yearly) motion had begun to slow. Right now, 12 years later, S.P. Mars in Zuckerberg’s horoscope is still conjunct his natal Saturn.

When Mars and Saturn get together in any aspect we expect a long, slow slog. Every action we take brings with it weighty responsibility, every step forward seems to entangle us in obligation and require us to work harder. During the period in which this aspect has been in force, Zuckerberg has become one of the richest men in the world. He’s gone from being a kid who liked to program his own computer games to person with tremendous power. Some people might consider this a fun ride but, with this secondary progression, I don’t think Zuckerberg would agree.

Four years from now Mars will turn direct in Zuckerberg’s secondary progressions and this will signal change in the way it influences his life. However, this will probably be a subtle shift. In the meantime, his secondary progressed Mars will remain within a degree of Zuckerberg’s natal Saturn for at least another 15 years. No matter how the current problems his company faces play out, his personal slog is going to continue.

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