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Trump Struggles with SaturnTrumpMiddleImage

I’ve always been willing to admit when I’ve been wrong about a prediction or opinion I’ve offered on these pages, so I have not shame in saying “I told you so” when I'm right.  Back in Dec. I wrote that during the Spring of this year Donald Trump was going to be especially prone to “bad ideas”. The events of the past couple of week seem to have proven me right.

The aspect I was looking at when I wrote that article (click here to see the article) was the opposition of transiting Saturn to Trump’s natal Mercury. Mercury represents how we think, our method of solving problems, and since Mercury rules Gemini (Trump’s Sun sign) it is particularly important in his horoscope. The opposition by Saturn stymies the problem-solving ability of Mercury. It narrows thinking and makes it difficult for us to process new information. It also can make the way we express our thoughts seem harsh and judgmental.

During the first months of 2018 Uranus was trine Trump’s natal Mars. This is a positive aspect and an aspect for taking chances and being bold. Under this aspect Trump felt confident enough to fire his Secretary of State and his National Security Advisor, both of whom had disagreed with him at times. With audacious Uranus guiding him, Trump seems to be thinking that he is ready to run the county’s foreign policy on his own. It was also during this period that he began to talk about tariffs.

Of course, the influence of his Saturn transit was already creeping into the picture and now, as the Uranus aspect wanes, it is taking control. Last week, after China declared that it would respond in kind to the tariff’s Trump was threatening to impose on Chinese goods, the stock market plummeted. Experts quickly came forward to assure investors that we weren’t “really” in a trade war and they seemed placated. Then, after the markets closed up on Thursday, Trump threatened China with an even broader list of tariffs and this led to threats from China to tax U.S. soybeans and wheat (which are mostly grown in states that voted for Trump.)

Around the same time that the President was blindly pushing the country into a trade war, he was attacking Amazon on Twitter. He criticized Amazon for evading taxes, hurting brick and mortar retailers and undermining the U.S. Postal Service. However, Trump’s real beef is with Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezo, who (among other things) has more money than Trump. Trump’s tweets were another reason the stock market took a hit.

Another thing that happens when Mercury is afflicted by Saturn is that we tend to see only the darkest and most pessimist implications of the information we receive. Thus, when Trump saw a report on Fox News about a surge of immigrants from Central America coming into Mexico, he immediately envisioned hordes of drug addled Hispanic rapist pouring over the Rio Grande. He has ordered the National Guard to our southern border to defend us against these invaders. The threat may be imaginary, but the millions of dollars it’s going to cost tax payers to mobilize and sustain an army along the border is real.

Later this month Saturn slows down and turns retrograde. It will continue to oppose Trump’s Mercury through this month, the next and into June. So, what we’re seeing now may only be the beginning of a long period of bad ideas and awkward excuses from Donald Trump. Saturn will turn direct in Sept. and in December it will make one more opposition to the President’s Mercury. This may be when the full weight of his bad ideas becomes evident.



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