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Following the Moon: March 31, 2018MoonYellowImage

The last New Moon, on March 17, had me both worried and hopeful. I saw the potential for violence and the abuse of power. I also saw the potential of for positive, even transformative events. Looking over what happened during the past two weeks, I’d say we got a taste of both. (Click here to see that article and the chart.)

As I feared, we did have another school shooting, though this one was quashed quickly. (Only two people lost their lives.) Meanwhile, we had the march on Washington organized by the survivors of the Parkland shooting. This was an inspirational event, and when you consider the impact that these politically engaged young people are going to have on our future, it was also transformative.

Meanwhile, our President has been feeling his oats, kicking people out of the White House and announcing more tariffs. The tariffs announcement sent the stock market into a tale spin, another thing I predicted. However, what might turn out to be more important in the long term was the replacement of H.R. McMaster with John Bolton as National Security Advisor. Bolton is a well-known war hawk who is just as much a hot-head as his new boss.

I also predicted that the Stormy Daniels scandal who continue to boil and that it might be joined by more scandalous, Neptunian messes. Right on cue we had a Playboy model sue the President to be released from the confidentiality agreement she signed after her affair with him. Meanwhile, the Mueller investigation churns on even as the President surrounds himself with a small and select inner circle loyal only to him.

Tomorrow’s Full Moon (click here to see the chart) might at first glance seem to promise a relatively quiet period. The Sun and Moon straddle the 12th House, 6th House axis. The 12th House is the place for secrets and the 6th is associated with health and servants. However, what makes me think that it won’t be so quiet is the fact that both Saturn and Mars are square the Sun and Moon. The plot further thickens when realize that Saturn is also square Donald Trump’s natal Mercury. That means that for the next few days both Mars and Saturn will be applying pressure on the way Trump thinks.

This Full Moon reminds me of a pressure cooker. Saturn and Mars are applying pressure on areas of life that are either hidden or not often noticed. Health care issues might come to the fore once again, but I think we also must consider servants. Few people in America have servants these days but Washington D.C. is full of them. They’re called public servants or (if you’re a Fox News fan) the “deep state”.

I think that during the next few weeks we’re going to see more conflict between the Trump administration and the career bureaucrats who actually keep the government functioning. Trump has already denigrated the F.B.I. and stripped the State Dept. of money and people. I think this trend will intensify as the President seeks to remove people who are not loyal to him and his agenda. Of course, when you start applying pressure to a confined space, that’s when the leaks appear. This administration is already one of the “leakiest” in history. Some of those leaks may just become gushers.

I think that we’re going to see public servants in the states feeling and reacting to the same pressure, as legislatures around the country cut pay and benefits. However, the servants who will be feeling it the most will be former servants of the Trump campaign, like Richard Gates and Paul Manafort, who are being pressured to cooperate by the Mueller investigation. Their ability or inability to withstand that pressure could decide the future of that investigation.

So, while the next two weeks might seem relatively calm to most people, I think that there’s good chance that that calm will be interrupted, maybe by a burst pipe of two, leaking information and anger like hot steam, or maybe by a huge explosion when that rusty, old boiler finally blows.